1960s dodge

A low-friction manual steering gear was tougher but used new low-friction needle bearings (rather than bronze bushings) and had a higher steering ratio. This enables more legroom and higher, more comfortable seats without sacrificing headroom.”. The name was subsequently used by American Motors Corporation from 1971 to 1978 for the mid- and full-sized AMC Matador cars. in.

if (jsonResponse.status == true) { Separate side rail and rocker panel also gives Chevrolet a wider sill than Dodge Dart's all-in-one rail and panel. The unique "see through" speedometer was on top of the basic panel where it could be read at a glance. These, and all other underbody areas, were not merely sprayed, but dipped and sprayed in a new 7-step corrosion protection process which included a new rustproofing primer. And, Chevrolet has a jut-back windshield post. Restorable or parts..Or? Dodge – Plymouth 273 V8 Engine. } Their styling was similar to the Dart. The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. } The Red Ram two-barrel carburetor had new three­ stage (rather than two-stage) metering rod to provide greater fuel economy.

New loop-type exhaust hangers had flexible hollow rubber and fabric loops that allowed freedom of motion and minimized vibration, isolating the car body from noise and heat. Rust was fought by using new weatherstrip seals for all windows; eliminating holes through the cowl by putting retaining brackets in the engine bay; using weld-on clips instead of holes to attach chrome mouldings; using drain troughs; and providing rubber-sealed cowl openings for pass-through wires and cables. Having finished the 50s off with vehicles capable of producing over 350 horsepower and several stock car racing wins, Dodge was ready to take its competitors to task. Power steering was also available, with a new power piston steel to reduce effort. The new Astrophonic offered was almost five times more powerful than the standard radio, and it had an extended range and better fidelity.

1960s Dodge - Photo Gallery - Come browse through a album of classic 1960s cars The 318 got a fuel filter in the gas tank and a 15 micron filter at the carb; and a shunt-type oil filter so that oil flow was assured even if the filter clogged. The 383 with a 4 barrel put out 325 horsepower. No brakes.

The purpose of the shortened fin was meant to exaggerate the length of the “jet pods” holding the taillights. Rubber-cushioned diagonal struts help pull the front wheels over bumps. Brake Lining:  Bonded-rivetless type.

The new Dodge Music Master radio also had push-button controls.

} The low, level, sturdy tailgate was supported by the bumper for greater strength. Now built on a new unibody chassis, the 1960 Matador continued the Dodge styling hallmarks of stacked "jet pod" taillights, however, the size of the lights was greatly exaggerated, with the lower light set into the rear bumper. A new center post in 4-door hardtops eliminated the web for easier access and better foot room. Chrysler claimed that “the Dodge Unibody encloses the driver and his passengers inside a rigid framework of steel. Gear Ratios, Manual-Shift Transmission All engines except 6-cyl. } With a conventional manifold, opening and closing of the intake valves sets up an air pulsation in the intake passages. Anti-dive upper control arms kept the car's nose up during sudden stops. All V-8 station wagons 24 lbs pressure; all sixes, 22 lb pressure (except wagon, 22 lb front, 24 lb rear); all V-8s, 24 lb front, 22 lb rear. The door would not swing if the seat was occupied.

Beautiful weather, excellent location and amazing cars & boats made the 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2015 a great day for the participants and spectators. "The rear axle hypoid ring-and-pinion gears give the greatest possible contact between driving teeth.

The 1960 Dodge used improved epoxy primers that resisted chemical action, reinforced to provide a claimed 25% more gloss that would last twice as long. Read an important message from Country Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep. 1960. Braced in every direction with rugged box-section crossmembers, the Dodge Unibody enclosed the passengers inside a rigid framework of steel.”. for (f of vsCFTagsEUFunctions) { Dodge Dart has the advantage in steering-wheel clearance, plus a higher and wider front doorway than Chevrolet's. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved.

Camshaft: High-intensity, high-test special cast iron.

Redesigned roof pillars, better use of interior space, and improved seating angles, front and rear, improved riding comfort. Used throughout the front suspension, rubber bushings eliminated the need for lubrication, reduced friction, and absorbed road shocks. vsCFTagsEUFunctions = []; Sound­proofing and vibration damping did the rest; an inch-thick Fiberglas blanket with asphalt-felt pad arid pressed board faced the cowl and side cowl panels, and a laminated Fiberglas underhood pad, 1-inch thick, was optional. Rubber-isolated nylon bearings allowed easier action than metal-to-metal, spring-loaded joints. Two compression rings and one oil ring assured a tight seal. Camshaft Bearings: Five (four on slant six), lead-base babbitt-on-steel, replaceable-type. About the only component of the body that wasn't dipped was the top of the roof. Makes Dodge Models Dart trim Search. The design also provided a stronger mounting for the transmission. [6] Low sales volume — and the popularity of the Dart model — led Dodge to drop the Matador nameplate for the 1961 model year. This is an original D500 383 Long Ram car, bought new in Townsend, Montana.

Blanket insulation, a half-inch thick, completely lined the underside of the roof panel. Chevrolet with its coil suspension, front and rear, shows somewhat more lean on the turn than either Ford or Dart. Dodge entered the 1960s as a serious player in the muscle car market.

Likewise, the low gear or 1 button would be ignored if the speed was already too high.

Optional Dodge swivel seats, billed as “the biggest step forward in automotive seating since they gave up the buggy seat,” were now automatic; the front seat swung out automatically as you opened the door of the car; swung in as you closed it. Dart also provides a custom-positioned front seat at no extra cost. The unit was ceiling-mounted between second and third seats in station wagon models, and was standard on air-conditioned wagons. while (c.charAt(0)==" ") c = c.substring(1,c.length); Use our search to find it. Rubber cushions and nylon bearings isolated road noise and minimized friction. Dodge wrote this about its engines: “So durable are they that the standard 25,000­ mile laboratory tests for wear had to be changed to 50,000-mile and 100,000-mile checks-because no discernible wear showed up until long past the 25,000-mile figure.”. and Ram-Fire. return ((target) ? Legroom was increased by lowering the floor pan, and the floor tunnel was narrowed by an inch for greater foot room. Power brakes included a reserve tank with enough vacuum for several normal stops in case the engine should stall. Receive an Email when new listings match ". The design also incorporated Dodge’s trademark (shortened) tailfins, which included small vertical taillight lenses placed on the vertical surface at the back of the fin; again. A more accurate digital (with circular numbered dials that revolved to show the time) clock was optional.

Wheels used tapered bearings to reduce friction and have a longer life. Interiors were designed for a rich look with a variety of colors, and easier to use (and see) controls, knobs, and instruments. Interior styling was designed to match external styling themes. The rear suspension used a Hotchkiss drive, which uses the cushioning effect of the rear springs to check the shock of starting and stopping.
Looking for a 1960 to 1969 Dodge Dart for sale ? Piston Rings: 2 compression, 1 oil ring. It's new in styling, new in engineering, new in its whole concept. The automaker was purchased in 1987 by Chrysler Corporation. vsCFExecuteEuTags();

Outside sheet metal didn't have to be part of the overall structure for strength of the unit body. xhttp.send(); The organizers, volunteers and participants deserve a standing ovation. Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. Matador and Polara were both available as four-door sedans, two and four door hardtops, and wagons.

They braced the front suspension against backward push, when the front wheels hit a bump. The Matador (and the similar, better-trimmed Polara) featured styling cues that were carried over from 1959 models, themselves an evolution of Virgil Exner's "Forward Look" cars introduced in 1957.
vsCFTagsNonEuFunctions = []; A new windshield post with only a slight arc eliminated the "knee-knocker", allowing easier entry and exit. Bumps are absorbed by the twisting action of the torsion bars.”. This feature helped to keep the car on even keel during sudden take-offs and during braking. The crankshaft was supported from underneath by the sold metal of the deep-skirted engine block. Front-end components stayed in alignment longer, with less maintenance and adjustment. Tempered steel torsion-bar springs absorbed road shocks and bumps, and resisted lean on turns. [1] Sharing the same newly engineered unibody platform as the slightly smaller Dodge Dart, the Matador was designated Dodge's full-size base trim vehicle, with the Dodge Polara becoming the make's full-sized premium model. Dodge claimed that the 1960 Dodge’s unibody construction was “twice as strong and twice as tight as ordinary body-and-frame construction. // if EU and execute eu tags

It had three transistors and a rear-seat speaker, along with illuminated push-button controls. Sprayed-on mastic sound-deadener covered the entire floor pan.

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