adam goodes foundation

Log in. Through a GO scholarship, our students access the tools and resources they need to ensure their journey through school is as rich and rewarding as possible. The GO Scholarship gives students access to the broader GO Ecosystem where we provide a network of support to students and their families including cultural mentoring, corporate mentoring, transition support from school to university, learning support and employment and internship pathways. "We have done test screenings and when you show it to school kids there is a real honesty and a number of them after 70 minutes said, 'Wow, I got this so wrong'.". He was named Australian of the Year in 2014. Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation Limited We are currently working with corporates and other organisations in Adelaide to build out the Adelaide Ecosystem so we can provide opportunities to our students there. The work of the GO Foundation is their legacy and one of the many ways in which they give back. WE BELIEVE We believe when local churches are empowered they can be an important asset to the communities around them.

For further detail, take a look at Research. Join us to hear from Adam Goodes Michael O'Loughlin and our students. The research was clear – the longer our students stay in education, the better their outcomes. The Research conducted by the GO Foundation and KPMG Arrilla Indigenous Services in 2017 showed a clear correlation between a strong cultural identity and participation and achievement in education and training by Indigenous students. The videos received an amazing 1.5 million views on Twitter and over 4.5 million people engaged with the #GOFurther campaign when we released the videos. Website made with by planetOGLE. We do this so that we can all share in the oldest living culture in the world. For me, that was a very powerful moment," he said. Michael O'Loughlin, Ambassador for Indigenous Literacy "Education is the key for our mob to continue to move forward and this book will help people, young and old, to better understand our culture and our past." The film's director, Ian Darling, said the fact that some people felt the need to put an apology in writing was encouraging. It’s made from archival sources and although I didn’t play a part in making it, I’ve given the film my support. The GO Foundation is now providing scholarships into public schools. "He said: 'I am the only one in our family who didn't boo Adam, and I used to get abused by my dad and my brothers and now I am going to show them this film'.

The use of archival vision meant Goodes was not required in the making of the documentary.

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