aerials system of a down meaning

different people at different time[1][2]because of lines such as "Life is a waterfall,we're one in the river, one again after the fall." Personally I think it's about taking drugs for a big night out. I.e. if you have questions or just need to talk you can email me at dragonx13x@yahooDOTcom "Life is a waterfall, COULD MEAN : we r coming from a same root but we persist on our separated and egoistic style of thinking and Living (WALL). Some fans of System of a Down claim that the song is about man's nature to be a paradox, i.e. Life is a waterfall, It is named "Arto" because their friend Arto Tuncboyaciyan played a duduk (a reed instrument similar to an oboe) on the track. When Adele needed to cry during the filming of the video for "Hello" she played Labrinth's 2014 single "Jealous." Another thing about a waterfall is that it never exists on its own, it always has a source, like a river or a stream. You free your life." So those lines described us in the void. that's why there's a question mark there). But they thought that they would be able to return to heaven and that The Most High would forgive them. artist: "System of a Down", This obviously isnt the first time the government has hypnotized us, After Pearl Harbor they used propaganda to make us believe that imprisoning the Japanese in the internment camps was the right thing to do. Cause we are the ones that want to play: we don't want to have to take things seriously, we want to just have fun and be kids, without responsibility, and living in happy ignorance. So having all these facts about the video my ultimate interpretation of the song is that we were created by them. In case you haven't noticed, almost all their songs have multiple meanings and are a bit trippy. But Satan tricked Adam and Eve into choosing knowledge over immortality by eating a psychedelic fruit from a genetically modified plant/tree that was created and planted by Satan. They fall downwards, so life brings us down. Humans in general are never really satisfied, we always strive for more and we always want. Aerials, so up high, When you free your eyes, Eternal prize. but you never want to lose" and the line "Life is a waterfall/we drink from the river Spooner is also an accomplished songwriter, whose hits include "I'm Your Puppet" and "Cry Like A Baby.". They were sent to watch over man after the fall of Adam, and eventually became jealous of men because they could reproduce with women. we are the souls that want to choose which world/dimension we want to "play" in. There not out there preaching but they are saying to think and do what you feel is right and this is one of there best songs because serj talks about how high up the universe is and we should be open minded about it. We may separate ourselves from others and become individual rain drops but we "and one again after the fall" become one after the fall. So when we're one in the river, and we're one again after the fall, it shows we are ourselves before and after the reality if life hits us and brings us down.

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