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If you wanna check out Poser it’s going to be in diamond catalog next month or you can check out the version with the record at Poser. It really wasn’t tough for me. BSR: I’m getting some of the easier questions out of the way here, how did you pick the artists and writers for this story? All Rights Reserved. the book your talking about Poser is a slasher horror book so i mean it’s very, very different from this. My personal story “my better future” is about the planet reclaiming itself and there being a lot fewer people on earth. The story are as diverse and extraordinary as each contributor showing off a wide range of voices and visions. Those two have been really great for me. Featuring 24 short stories from creators including Robbi Rodriguez, Eliot Rahal, Chris Visions, Dean Trippe, Eryk Donovan, Liana Kangas and more, All We Ever Wanted hits comic shelves December 12th—“the perfect gift to lift spirits this holiday season,” according to the solicitation text—and is available for preorder now following successful funding on Kickstarter earlier this year. MM: To be clear, this book isn’t political. The ‘Verse has a new Mal Reynolds in Town in 'Firefly' #18, 'BattleTech: Honor's Gauntlet' an Interview with Bryan Young, 'Scars' Explores Sadness and Healing: An Interview with Director Alex Anna, 'The Invention of Sound' An Interview with Chuck Palahniuk, An interview with Transformers: War For Cybertron composer Alexander Bornstein. Did you have a hard time making the switch? People telling their stories against the backdrop of a better future. No doom-and-gloom here! All incredibly strong creative talent. MM: We really wanted to give a chance to a couple of people who need that chance. Altogether, the world needs more visions of utopias and this book more than proves it. It’s a lot of synthwave and some of the happier darkwave stuff by Clan of Xymox and Bootblack which is a local Brooklyn band here. BSR: Talking about your work and tying it to All We Ever Wanted. MM: Those were composed by Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust. Our perspective on the future is constantly changing. ‘All We Ever Wanted’ Interview with Comics Creator Matt Miner By Michael Gajeski on June 29, 2018 in Comics Interview. BSR: Anthologies really give everyone a chance to shine. But with All We Ever Wanted we just wanted to do something different. We had a few pitches that were political and we sent them back to be reworked. I love punk rock so it’s that sort of punk rock style that’s really up my alley. When I look at your work, the word I wrote down is more brutal than All We Ever Wanted appears to be. Something a little lighter instead of the constant darkness has been good for me. An exciting new anthology filled with stories that present a brighter vision of the future featuring today's top-level talent. BSR: We need something like this book. MM: I mean, I’m a big fan of grindhouse horror movies. Easy question. And if there's anythingAll We Ever Wantedimpressed upon me, it's that sometimes one person is more than enough. It really runs the gambit there. Marvel; DC; Image; Dark Horse; IDW; Boom! 9.2 Avg. Other people see a better future as a huge leap forward with technology. I think The Gig is fantastic. Download & Read Online Ebook all we ever wanted PDF. What is the impact that you would like this book to have. BSR: I’ve got one more question for you. Often times, the way we imagine the future is a reflection of how we view our day to day lives. I know Thor: Ragnarok is supposed to be up there but I haven’t watched it, BSR: Getting back to the book a little bit. By Deanna Destito. When you look at the future personally do you see a world more of Star Trek or of Wall-E? We kind of used that as an opportunity and we asked a bunch of friends then to contribute. Here are the highlights from my conversation with him. MM: It was friends of Eric, friends of mine, and friends of Tyler from the publisher. Matt Miner: All We Ever Wanted is an anthology project with 25 stories or so, stories told against the backdrop of a more hopeful future. I dunno, I forget what your question was but it really seems like because of the constant flood of negative stories regarding the future we have lost some of the hopefulness that you saw in things like Star Trek and especially The Next Generation or Caprica. An exciting new anthology filled with stories that present a brighter vision of the future featuring today's top-level talent. I hope it’s more Star Trek but I’m seeing more Wall-E.  I’m hoping for Star Trek but expecting more Wall-E. BSR: That’s all the questions I have is there anything you’d like to plug or say? BSR: Let’s say you did have a choice for this anthology, what are some songs you would put on the soundtrack? Comics have the ability to do that. N/A Avg. Read Full Review, Overall, the anthology is an excellent collection of stories that shows that the future can be bright and we all should wear shades. Talking about your involvement with All We Ever Wanted, was it difficult going from the slasher gore kind of political aspect to a more softer tone. MM: Well, I mean, I think we have been promised a dystopian future for a long time. All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin. MM: Im trying not to swear though I know you’re in Utah. BSR: One of the things that is brought up in the Kickstarter is Black Mirror, Mad Max, and kind of talking about these shows, how do you think these shows and movies affect the way we view our future? All We Ever Wanted Cover Art by Ariela Kristantina & Michael E. Wiggam, “The Inventor’s Daughter” Interior Art by Tess Fowler, Gab Contreras & Taylor Esposito, © 2020 Paste Media Group. How would you like to see this impact? Check that out below, along with a full table of contents, and be sure to request a copy of All We Ever Wanted from your local comic shop. Sometimes it’s The Jetsons, with their glamorous world where everything is automated except exercise. From the 3 of us we know a lot of people in comics and we asked a lot of people for the previous anthology This Nightmare Kills Fascists, we decided not to reuse any of the people we used for that anthology because we want to give more people a chance to tell their stories. No doom-and-gloom here! That was really kind of us venting our frustrations and our fears, everything that we were seeing going on in the country and in the world. Speculative fiction reflects not just the world around us, but our hopes—and fears—for the future. Read Full Review. In advance of the collections direct-market release, Paste is thrilled to share the entirety of “The Inventor’s Daughter,” written by Lucia Fasano, drawn by Tess Fowler, colored by Gab Contreras and lettered by Taylor Esposito. The art by each creator is magnetic, alluring, and vivid. There were two songs that went along with the comic book. BSR: I think it’s the perfect time for it. BSR: Im glad you said stoked so I can use it too! MM: I’ve watched Black Panther a few times in the last couple of weeks. I remember back to movies like Terminator and that was giving me a look of the future where robots go to war with humanity and looking back further to the the great sci-fi literature, 1984, Stranger in a Strange Land, V for Vendetta; You’re looking at these dystopian futures and its kind of my feeling we are starting to see in the U.S. the dystopian future we have always been promised.

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