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Where a statute or court order prohibits notice for a limited time period, Reddit provides notice upon expiration of that period. users may be asked to provide personal information such as their name, address, telephone number, age, personal interests and email address. Other pages are retained for historical reference and are marked as such. The first step is to write the best initial proposal you can. Requests and legal process can also be served on Reddit via its agent, Corporation Service Company, 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N, Sacramento, CA, 95833. RfCs for policy and guideline proposals are normally left open for at least a week, sometimes a couple months. As a temporary measure during that resolution process, if a guideline appears to conflict with a policy, editors may assume the policy takes precedence. By Grace Whelan 22 September 2020. For more information, please visit our privacy policy. An accepted policy or guideline may become obsolete because of changes in editorial practice or community standards, may become redundant because of improvements to other pages, or may represent unwarranted instruction creep. Reddit does not provide expert witness testimony and does not have witnesses on call who are available to testify. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. To avoid later complaints about insufficient notice, it may be helpful to provide a complete list of the groups or pages you used to advertise the proposal on the talk page. Add to Bookmarks; Comment. There must be exposure to the community beyond just the authors of the proposal. On discussion pages and in edit summaries, shortcuts are often used to refer to policies and guidelines. Proposals involving contentious subjects or wide-ranging effects should normally be listed on Wikipedia:Centralized discussion for the duration of the RfC. It is therefore not necessary to provide reliable sources to verify Wikipedia's administrative pages, or to phrase Wikipedia procedures or principles in a neutral manner, or to cite an outside authority in determining Wikipedia's editorial practices. What user information does Reddit collect? There is no prohibition against including appropriate external references to support and explain our policies or guidelines, but such sources are not authoritative with respect to Wikipedia, and should be used only to reinforce consensus.
basic subscriber information). Reddit reviews all legal process to ensure facial validity and legal sufficiency under applicable laws and regulations. For example, editors may not violate copyrights anywhere on Wikipedia, and edit warring is prohibited everywhere, not merely in encyclopedia articles. Use common sense in interpreting and applying policies and guidelines; Rules have occasional exceptions. For more information about the information Reddit collects, please visit the privacy policy for and the privacy notice for If the result of discussions is unclear, then it should be evaluated by an administrator or other independent editor, as in the proposal process. Additionally, the shortcut is not the policy; the plain-English definition of the page's title or shortcut may be importantly different from the linked page. Because Wikipedia practice exists in the community through consensus, editing a policy/guideline/essay page does not in itself imply an immediate change to accepted practice. Essays, information pages, and other informal pages that are supported by only a small minority of the community are typically moved to the primary author's userspace. More commonly, advice pages do not directly conflict, but provide multiple options. Reddit does not provide phone support. Going against the principles set out on these pages, particularly policy pages, is unlikely to prove acceptable, although it may be possible to convince fellow editors an exception ought to be made. This does not require the intervention of an administrator; it may be done by any sufficiently experienced impartial editor, not involved in the discussion, who is familiar with all policies and guidelines related to the proposal. It is best to contact a family law attorney to help you understand parenting time guidelines. Remove the {{Proposal}} template and replace it with another appropriate template, such as {{Subcat guideline}}, {{Policy}}, {{Supplement}}, {{Essay}}, or {{Failed proposal}}. For example, Wikipedia:Reliable sources says newspaper articles are generally considered to be reliable sources, and Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine) recommends against newspaper articles for certain technical purposes. U.S. law enforcement must submit copies of requests and/or legal process directed to Reddit, Inc. via email to These guidelines provide U.S. law enforcement with general information about Reddit, Inc. (“Reddit”), its business and user records, as well as the legal process required for U.S. law enforcement to compel Reddit to produce user information. In certain cases, a policy or guideline may be superseded, in which case the old page is marked and retained for historical interest. The five pillars are a popular summary of the most pertinent principles. User information is retained in accordance with Reddit’s privacy policy. That some users may submit this information, however, does not mean Reddit necessarily has this information for all users. In cases where the general dispute resolution procedure has been ineffective, the Arbitration Committee has the power to deal with highly disruptive or sensitive situations. Amendments to a proposal can be discussed on its talk page.

The page names of policies and guidelines usually do not include the words "policy" or "guideline", unless required to distinguish the page from another. The number of upvotes and downvotes a post receives helps determine its position within the subreddit. Addressing the House of Commons today, he said: “At every stage in this pandemic we have struck a delicate balance between saving lives and minimising the wider impact of our restrictions. Consider the strength of the proposed page: Have major concerns raised during the community discussion been addressed? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Other administration pages in the project namespace include: These other pages are not policies or guidelines, although they may contain valuable advice or information. Proposals for new guidelines and policies require discussion and a high level of consensus from the entire community for promotion to guideline or policy. The {{proposal}} template should be placed at the top of the proposed page; this tag will get the proposal properly categorized. Retail Covid-19 guidelines become law. By Grace Whelan "WP:POL" redirects here. Therefore, Reddit reviews all requests and legal process for facial validity and legal sufficiency and will object when appropriate. Editors should respond to proposals in a way that helps identify and build consensus. This policy page specifies the community standards related to the organization, life cycle, maintenance of, and adherence to policies, guidelines, and related pages of the English Wikipedia. If you still have specific questions, please contact us at It is typically more productive to rewrite a failed proposal from scratch to address problems, or seek consensus to integrate uncontroversial aspects of it into existing pages, than to re-nominate a proposal.

Johnson said to expect these measures to last as long as six months should the R value not come back under control. Share. If wider input on a proposed change is desired, it may be useful to mark the section with the tag {{Under discussion|section|talk=Discussion Title}}. Explain your thoughts, ask questions, and raise concerns. ; Policy – Outlines the goals of a government ministry or agency as well as the methods and principles to achieve those goals. These discussions typically happen on the page's talk page, sometimes with an RfC, but they have at times also been conducted at Miscellany for deletion (despite the MFD guidelines explicitly discouraging this practice).

All the authors are requested to send only original… Many of the most well-established policies and guidelines have developed from principles which have been accepted as fundamental since Wikipedia's inception. This guide provides neither legal advice nor a comprehensive overview of all legal requirements. A law is enforceable by the judicial system, i.e. All requests for user information must be narrowly tailored and specifically identify the account(s) at issue (u/[username]) and the information sought (i.e. Each subreddit has its own page, subject matter, users, and moderators. §2706, reimbursement for the costs associated with production may be requested. Please leave a short note about the conclusion you came to. Please DO NOT send an email to, as it may result in a delay in processing your request. Courtesy copies of requests or legal process can be mailed to 548 Market Street, #16093, San Francisco, CA 94104-5401. Reddit strongly recommends that preservation extensions be submitted at least seven days before the expiration date. To update best practices, you may change the practice directly (you are permitted to deviate from practice for the purposes of such change) and/or set about building widespread consensus for your change or implementation through discussion. It is, naturally, bad practice to recommend a rejected practice on a policy or guideline page. They do not speak for the entire community and may be created and written without approval. The most popular product is, an online forum where people can create communities (known as “subreddits”) to communicate online. However, Reddit reserves the right to provide notice to affected users after records are produced. (If the proposal relates to a single statement, use {{Under discussion inline|Discussion Title}} immediately after it.). Try to identify the subcategory of guideline or policy (see {{subcat guideline}}). A talk page discussion is typically started, the {{Under discussion|status|Discussion Title}} template is added to the top of the project page, and community input is solicited.

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