brainwashed documentary

I'm actually really unimpressed with the stance these people have chosen to take. It's hilarious, but that guy got it right. "Where is it in the bible...", "the bible says...", who actually cares, its a book, and its a fantasy story. They paid my translator for nothing, but he enjoyed my company, I spent a few days with his family, it was very cool. Does anyone else think this old Grumpy man is Satan?? Your sense of morality is disgusting. A pathetic attempt to incite what they view as a voting base, it is nothing more that backhanded excuse for her fathers racism (which is not truly visited in the context of the documentary), while at the same time being a platform for her own bigotry and hatred. There is no mention of gays in the new testament and only a passing mention in the Hebrew bible. "The world needs less hate. Now there's a thought. I would think the fact that I'm a practicing Eastern Orthodox Chrisitian would at least allow me the right to state my opinion as to what I think Christianity is or is not, right? Slightly above average. Then you going to hell, sorry :). Peace yall. Hjernevask ("Brainwash") is a Norwegian documentary miniseries about science that aired on NRK1 in 2010. Yes, someone in the military did die for us to have the rights we know now. Ah, hate! And that is why every copy of the bible should be repurposed as toilet paper. God divides the men from the women, and divides the men in to two groups - those you dominated over their women, and those who were dominated by their women. Truly, truly, TRULY sad. Concerned about the brainwashing of U.S. soldiers who had been Korean prisoners of war, the CIA funded mind-control experiments across North America. Yes, it is the people who support their system hence bring it into existence and becomes reality; just they each are not allowed to know it! Maybe the correct response isn't to ignore him. how can God hate someone? Yet I see that Phelps matriarch openly voice her opinion when in fact she should shut the hell up and let the men do the talking (as it is indicated in her holy book that they follow so blindly). In trying to understand how this happened, … Jack that's bad! (Leviticus 19:27). ....I absolutely agree on WBC's view on soldiers being sent to fight in other countries, this is the most despicable and brainwashing on young Americans who are pushed, (enticement ads and street corner enlisters) to enlist and then sent to war, and sent to their deaths!!! Instead FOX NEWS was born out of an abundance of cynicism, and as nothing more than a shill machine for those bent on seeking monolithic political power and the insane profits, their real aim, that result. Jab doesn't know. The personal story hit home for me, while the facts presented are undeniable. That journalist wanted to be part of it before he went there, or he wouldn't bring his young impressionable children to that cauldron of hate. Aiming a kind of hatred and seperation away from mans course foreward. If you want to know the truth, remember that quote. They make most of their money working as lawyers, suing individuals who act out violently toward them, against entire towns and Police in some instances for not allowing the "freedom of speech" and right to "speak in a public forum". The anger is apparently contagious, since the other church members seem unhappy as well. FAQ The series, consisting of seven episodes, was created and presented by the comedian and sociologist Harald Eia. Written in the same scriptures you hold to be caring and loving. my personal favourite: That is why you call your belief, "faith". Maybe we should be laughing at him for as Twain points out, "Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.". Medias don't talk about it, no one care. Not gonna happen. Moderate Christians and Muslims should stand together to criticize these types of haters. David Brock was instrumental in this piece by being evidence of the information stated. Directed by Jen Senko. That was tried here (US). He was addicted to alcohol and amphetamines for years and was physically abusive to his wife and kids, then kicked his habit cold turkey one weekend when he threw them all out of the house. Actually, having total freedom of political speech is one of the best things about America. If it works well with them, it can work well here too! I am sure you understand. When I look at Kurt Wise and Stephen Meyer, I begin to wonder if fundamentalist religion altogether isn't a form of child abuse. In particular, he listened to Rush Limbaugh and watched Fox News. Exactly which God told them to behave like that? How could they live with themselves. [1][2][3][4] The entire series has since been released online. No debate about that at all. Should I call CNN to tell them about my intentions? Stop feeding them. The bible says that gluttony is a sin you fat sonsabitches. It takes an admittedly important and relevant explanation and makes it personal. It's not even an idea worth investigating, but Jen Senko did it anyway. As a middle0of-the-road voter who's been an avid critical thinker, some of the facts presented here have been well known to the ones who understand and have an analytical political perspective. You're the one who's asserting what is and is not "authentic" Christianity. We don't and have never needed a government; the people can get along fine without them, as quoted by the captured alien back in 1947 in Roswell, USA.....Alien: "We don't have governments like you do here; we have wise elders that make decisions." The series contrasted cultural determinist models of human behavior (also referred to as the Standard social science model) with nature-nurture interactionist perspectives. It's just a perverted lifestyle choice, right? They play his game. Anyone that spreads this much negativity on a daily basis have to be a follower of Satan! They are hateful, evil people, and the supposed authority of the Unholy Babble is just a convenient excuse for their disgusting behaviour to masquerade as virtue. You don't know anything more about what "authentic" Christianity is than Frost or my macaw. The Catholic Church represents a perverted form of Christianity just as the does the WBC, all though not as extreme. Go see this movie. You don't know war and brainwashing only works on the st*pid. Their crime is that they are cherry picking which atrocities they want to believe and enforce. I am not so sure that brainwashing doesn't exist in the military. So you feel that you have the right to dictate in matters which are totally private. 4. )has been on the cultural landscape for the past 20 years. This documentary is very low quality and borderline unwatchable. And see just how quickly America families are brought back together and see the moral fiber of Americans return.

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