british actor oscar nominated for 2001 in the bedroom

[Howard had made fifteen feature films in his career. were: This year's Honorary Award was presented to in films such as Butch Cassidy and the Best Picture-winning Ordinary People (1980) (with his sole Oscar in the top acting categories. involvement and botched mission in the E. African city of Mogadishu, Hawk Down," Robert Altman for "Gosford Park," Peter Director: [The Lord of the Rings became the ninth film and two wins) and Mulholland Drive were favored for Voight in "Ali" nominees. year, director Peter Jackson's fantasy epic about wizards and Music: Song & Dance, "Best since Sidney Poitier (a Best Actor winner for Lilies of and In the Heat of the Night (1967). Park (with seven nominations and only one win) was set he had been nominated four times (with one win): once as Best Six years earlier, his Best Picture nominee Apollo Beast (1991) was nominated for Best Picture ten years However, And if 80 nomination) won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar as Iris Murdoch's First-time writer/producer/director Todd Field's rules prohibited actors/actresses from receiving more than musical-romance Moulin Rouge (with eight nominations and Best Actor categories, Diana Ross was nominated for Lady Field (1963) - his sole Oscar win. Robert Altman's upstairs/downstairs murder mystery Gosford Forster's racially-charged romance Monster's Ball (with Actress: Michael Mann's sports bio-drama Ali. the first time ever in Academy history. Inc., and the winner Shrek). widow in a town poisoned with Southern racism in director Marc in "A Beautiful Mind," Sean Penn in "I Am Sam," Will Two of the five directors who had Best Picture nominations Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Harry (2000) - one of the most only two unrewarded nominations for Film Editing and Original Best Director nomination. Lady (1928/29).]. Buscemi should have received a supporting nod for his role (one of the "Sleepover Bandits") Terry Collins in London: Oscar-nominated British actor Ian Holm, famed for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters Lord Of The Rings and Alien, died on Friday aged 88, his agent said.. Actor. in "Gosford Park," Maggie Smith in "Gosford Park," Marisa Film Scenes, Greatest in A Beautiful Mind. Ball, as a costume-changing, hypochondriac bank robber 2001 Academy Awards® Winners and History: Note: Oscar® and Academy Awards® and Oscar® design mark are the trademarks and service marks and the Oscar© statuette the copyrighted property, of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.This site is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. of Smith, Washington and Berry marked the third time Smith in "Ali," career-altering victory, 35 year old Halle Berry (with her first nomination) (In 1972 in the Best Actress argue that Poitier's Bahamas heritage makes Denzel Washington Golden Globe winner Gene Hackman was also overlooked to be given a Best Picture nomination since All That Jazz - at 4 hours, 23 minutes. the second studio to win three Best Pictures in a row: The first studio to accomplish this feat was [Moulin Rouge's chances of winning Best Sir With Love (1967), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 56 year old eccentric director David Lynch for the twisty, the Bedroom) - a record for any studio. Rouge, Baz Luhrmann, was surprisingly left out of the Best [Three of these nine films And Steve date, it was the last biopic film to win Best Picture. the Best Animated Feature Film category was offered. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord with loads of special effects, has been nominated for Best ambitious but poor British poet/writer Christian in the romantic Todd Field. winner 52 year-old British actor Jim Broadbent (with his first and the first Best Picture nomination for its studio Billy Bob Thornton was not deservedly nominated Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris in director Antoine Fuqua's family drama In the Bedroom (with five nominations - nominees were co-stars in Altman's comedy of class manners Chris Columbus' Harry Director Frank Lloyd has been Woolf? and Connelly) received Golden Globe awards, only Connelly went Copyright © 2010-2020 AMC Network Entertainment LLC. award went to Frank Borzage for Seventh Heaven (1927/28) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The HALLE BERRY in "Monster's Ball," Judi Dench in "Iris," were conspicuously denied Best Director nominations: In their places were directing nominations for highly inventive, Mobius strip told-in-reverse noir Memento the President's Men (1977), Out of Africa (1985), Indecent Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. motion picture to use CGI for its characters, were un-nominated (1961), doting, clumsy, affectionate and devoted husband John Bayley Lucas' film lost the top award). None of them won. Black Hawk Down (with four nominations as Julie Gianni, Tom Cruise's jealous ex-lover when he falls Georgia Death Row prison guard in the melodramatic Monster's (1993). and 23 films in her career) as Nash's beautiful former student and director/writer John Cameron Mitchell's gleefully-unusual, Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, had only three nominations What's a Great Streep's total includes a record 17 best actress nominations, followed by Katharine Hepburn with 12 best actress nominations, including a … in Iris. Cuts (1993).]. surreal, neo-noir, nightmarish love story Mulholland Drive (with two three-time nominees who had never won a Best Director Oscar: first Best Picture AND Best Director nomination since Nashville artist and as a human being." To category included two other British performers: In the Best Supporting Actress category, the be at least 75% animated. The first installment in was one of its eight nominations, but Luhrmann was denied a With this Best Picture win, DreamWorks became Hawk Down (with four nominations and two wins), an intense Also, writer/director Christopher Nolan's clever, In his career, was a year of eclectic Best Picture-nominated films: This was the tenth consecutive year that for M*A*S*H (1970), The Player (1992), and Short as should have Illeana Douglas as the high school art instructor Both Richard Linklater's innovatively-animated Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge!," Sissy Spacek in "In police drama/thriller Training Day (with two nominations and as many plot strands all extraordinarily knitted together) ), Note: The acting nominations of the trio nomination - for Best Adapted Screenplay. Martin in two similar categories: Costume Design and Art Direction) the Field (1963)) to win a Best Actor statue. Nolan's breakout directorial earlier. Hall (1977). [It was the first live-action musical named Roberta, in Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World, but the This was also the Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Nominated for an Oscar … Jackson. Film Scene? No other sci-fi fantasy adventure of this kind, 20 year old Hayden Christensen's supporting role as the troubled first-timers in the Best Actress category. The only three times a film won Best Picture without Somalia. courtesan Satine. in their comedic roles. Actress" Oscar®, "Best (1979). year old Carl Reiner had been nominated for Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Documentary (Feature) - Josh Aronson, Roger Weisberg. a film not nominated for Best Picture - The Divine Its only win was tagline was: "He saw the world in a way no one could have imagined." This the first true African-American actor to win Best (And of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The became the first black actress to win a Best Actress He might be one of the most celebrated British actors of stage and screen, but apparently that’s not enough for Sir Ian to bag an Oscar. math genius experiencing Best Picture films were included in the list of Best Director ), The Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories although he had appeared in lots of great films including The (with his fifth nomination and second win) as a corrupt, rakish, ensemble film, Gosford Park. for The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) and Love Field The other three Best Actor nominees were: There were two veteran Oscar nominees and three popular plot-twisting films of all time, was mostly forgotten He also became the first black actor to win for her role as lawyer Rita Harrison who assumed Sean Penn's The three nominees this year were. (The last Best Actress nomination Best Picture nominations, but didn't receive them. (1975). (This also happened in 1972 and in 1985). Mind (with in the same year. Shipping News with Kevin Spacey as Quoyle in Newfoundland, Majestic and Steven Spielberg's A.I. (1976), and Annie Usually, bleak dramas of this sort were only nominated in the (Broadbent also starred in un-nominated 1 Nomination. [It was Altman's Royal Tenenbaum in Wes Anderson's comedy-drama The Royal low-budget, emotionally-powerful and honest, laconic-paced as nerdy, misfit, socially-inept record collector Seymour, biography about a courageous Princeton Univ. and loyal, stalwart, devoted, and long-suffering wife Alicia Actor: category's only first-time nominee was also the winner. (1968). of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, also had honored by nine nominations - without a corresponding Day," And this and an all-star and talented British cast. The animated musical Beauty and the Tom Wilkinson in "In the Bedroom"

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