cascade range facts

Marked by glaciation (which has formed many lakes) and stream dissection, the mountains are a headstream region for the Willamette River.

The pass is used by the Coquihalla Highway, a government megaproject built as part of the Expo 86 spending boom of the 1980s, which is now the main route from the Coast to the British Columbia interior. Native Americans have inhabited the area for thousands of years and developed their own myths and legends concerning the Cascades.

Native tribes also developed their own names for the High Cascades and many of the smaller peaks, including "Tahoma", the Lushootseed name for Mount Rainier,[15] "Koma Kulshan" or simply "Kulshan" for Mount Baker,[16] and "Louwala-Clough", meaning "smoking mountain" for Mount St. The Canadian side of the range has a history that includes the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush of 1858–60 and its famous Cariboo Road, as well as the older Hudson's Bay Company Brigade Trail from the Canyon to the Interior, the Dewdney Trail, and older routes which connected east to the Similkameen and Okanagan valleys. The highest volcanoes of the Cascades are called the High Cascades dominate their surroundings, often standing twice the height of the nearby mountains. Many peaks exceed 10,000 feet (3,000 metres), including Mount Hood (11,235 feet [3,424 metres], highest point in Oregon) and Mount Rainier (14,410 feet [4,392 metres], highest in Washington and in the Cascade Range). He might have used Cascade Pass to reach the Skagit River. The Fraser River separates the Cascades from the Coast Mountains in Canada, [2] as does the Willamette Valley from the upper portion of the Oregon Coast Range. While most of the peaks are under 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) in elevation, the low valleys provide great local relief, often over 1,800 meters (6,000 feet). [18] Vancouver's expedition did not, however, name the mountain range which contained these peaks. The small part of the range in British Columbia is referred to as the Canadian Cascades or, locally, as the Cascade Mountains. The Cascade Range or Cascades is a major mountain range of western North America, extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. [20] Lewis and Clark called the Cascade Range the "Western Mountains". There are a lot of volcanoes in this mountain range, and for the last 200 years all of the volcanoes that have erupted in the lower US states were in the Cascades. [19] On their return trip, Lewis and Clark spotted a high but distant snowy pinnacle that they named for the sponsor of the expedition, U.S. President Thomas Jefferson.

Passes across the range were not well known and little used. The Cascades are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes and associated mountains around the Pacific Ocean. It is extremely rugged, with many of the lesser peaks steep and glaciated. Much of the northern half of the Cascades, from Rainier north, have been preserved by U.S. national or British Columbia provincial parks (such as E.C.

The southern part of the Cascades are within the California Floristic Province, an area of high biodiversity. The gorge holds federally protected status as a National Scenic Area called the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and is managed by the Columbia River Gorge Commission and the US Forest Service. Minor eruptions of Mount St. Helens have also occurred since, most recently from 2004 to 2008. His report of the journey is vague about the route taken.

Up to 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) deep, the canyon stretches for over 130 kilometers (80 miles) as the river winds westward through the Cascade Range. [28], The Cascade volcanoes define the Pacific Northwest section of the Ring of Fire, an array of volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean. The two most recent were Lassen Peak from 1914 to 1921 and a major eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. Bachelor are used as ski resorts in the late winter. The highest peak in the range is Mount Rainier in Washington at 14,411 feet (4,392 m). The Cascade Range is part of the American Cordillera, a chain of mountain ranges (cordillera) that consists of an almost continuous sequence of such ranges that form the western “backbone” of North America, Central America, South America and Antarctica.

[11], The Columbia River Gorge is the only major break of the range in the United States. When they later saw Mount St. Helens they thought it was Mount Rainier. Mount Baker was named for Vancouver's third lieutenant, Joseph Baker, although the first European to see it was Manuel Quimper, who named it la gran montaña del Carmelo ("Great Mount Carmel") in 1790.

Cascade Range - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). The range includes both non-volcanic mountains, such as the North Cascades, and the notable volcanoes known as the High Cascades.

Hood and Mt. This newly formed magma rises toward the Earth's surface to erupt, forming a chain of volcanoes (the Cascade Volcanic Arc) above the subduction zone.[29]. The lake is 8 by 9.7 kilometers (5 by 6 miles) across, with a caldera rim ranging in elevation from 2,100 to 2,400 meters (7,000 to 8,000 feet).

The Cascade Range or Cascades is a major mountain range of western North America.

The highest volcanoes of the Cascades, known as the High Cascades,[3] dominate their surroundings, often standing twice the height of the nearby mountains. Corrections? The road was constructed as a toll road – $5 per wagon – and was very successful. One of these, Ross Dam on the Skagit River, created a reservoir which spans the border southeast of Hope, British Columbia, extending 2 miles (3.2 km) into Canada. The range stretches 1,100 kilometers (700 miles) north-to-south, and is approximately 130 kilometers (80 miles) across east-to-west. [24], The course of political history in the Pacific Northwest saw the spine of the Cascade Range being proposed as a boundary settlement during the Oregon Dispute of 1846. In 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the Cascades on the Columbia River, which for many years was the only practical way to pass that part of the range. • Mount Rainier National Park [photo below] was established on in 1899 as the fourth national park in the United States. It was named for Alleyne FitzHerbert, 1st Baron St Helens, a British diplomat. [1] The Cascade Range is a part of the American Cordillera, a nearly continuous chain of mountain ranges (cordillera) that form the western "backbone" of North America, Central America, and South America. [27], The Cascade Range is made up of a band of thousands of very small, short-lived volcanoes that have built a platform of lava and volcanic debris. Later in 1792, Vancouver had his lieutenant William Robert Broughton explore the lower Columbia River. The English navigators George Vancouver and William R. Broughton saw the Cascades in 1792. Cascade Range, mountain chain, c.700 mi (1,130 km) long, extending S from British Columbia to N Calif., where it becomes the Sierra Nevada ; it parallels the Coast Ranges , 100–150 mi (161–241 km) inland from the Pacific Ocean.

This is largely because volcanic rocks are often rich in potassium bearing minerals such as orthoclase and decay easily.

Much of that water eventually flows into reservoirs, where it is used for recreation before its potential energy is captured to generate hydroelectric power before being used to irrigate crops.

The mountains are 1,100 km long and begin at British Columbia in Canada, stretch through Washington and Oregon, and reach an end in Northern California. In addition, there is a largely untapped amount of geothermal power that can be generated from the Cascades. Mt. The park was established in 1968.

Where the Sierra Nevada, ends the Cascade volcanoes begin.

From there, settlers would head north along the established Siskiyou Trail into the Willamette Valley. Because of the abundance of powerful streams, many of the major westward rivers off the Cascades have been dammed to provide hydroelectric power. [10], Beyond the eastern foothills is an arid plateau that was largely created 17 to 14 million years ago by the many flows of the Columbia River Basalt Group. Each classification protects the various glaciers, volcanoes, geothermal fields, rivers, lakes, forests, and wildlife to varying degrees.

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