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Building seven episodes around a protagonist so divisive was tricky. RUSSELL CROWE TALKS GUILT OVER 2001 BEST ACTOR WIN AT OSARS FOR 'GLADIATOR', “It was a very difficult film to produce," he began. When he was reporting for his book, Ailes was at the height of his power. But Crowe says it also speaks to his own caution around intimate work with other actors. Crowe says he has learned, over time, to break down the bias and "can now see the bias that exists on the other side; I could see what Roger was talking about". View production, box office, & company info, This seven-part limited series from the bestselling book is about, 4 reasons why Elle Fanning (‘The Great’) deserves first-ever Golden Globe nomination, Awards spotlight: Brendan Gleeson is tremendous, believe me, as Donald Trump in Showtime’s ‘The Comey Rule’, Awards spotlight: Showtime’s riveting ‘The Comey Rule’ should propel Jeff Daniels to Golden Globes, SAG and more, Everything Coming to Prime Video in October 2020, June 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, Biggest Golden Globe-Nominated Transformations Over the Years, Golden Globes 2020 — Best Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for TV. (Don’t ask him about it.). Executive produced by, among others, Tom McCarthy ("Spotlight"), who wrote the premiere with Sherman, "The Loudest Voice" portrays the enormous footprint Ailes left -- building Fox upon a business model predicated not merely on besting established media rivals but endeavoring to discredit them. Legal Statement. In physical terms, the role placed Crowe into layers of latex that informed his performance, particularly as so much of Ailes relationship with the world around him was predicated on his large frame. Was it not difficult getting inside the head of Roger Ailes, a man who, as the mastermind behind Fox News, was just as reviled as revered? The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. And that he was diagnosed with haemophilia as a child and was not expected to live to adulthood. I can't play the character from an outsider's perspective, I've got to play it from an inside perspective.". "But the part that I look back on -- through this whole thing -- that I feel was the greatest experience of this whole process, was finding this character every day with Russell.”. The Loudest Voice "If you search Roger Ailes on Google all you find is the architecture of his demise and that isn't really enough.". Academy Award winner Russell Crowe plays Tom Cooper in the new road rage thriller Despite the film's grim subject matter, Crowe said when the cameras weren't rolling the atmosphere on set was all smiles, laid back, and featured much laughter. One woman who worked for him, Laurie Luhn (played in the series by Annabelle Wallis), accused him of blackmailing her into more than 20 years of virtual psychological and sexual enslavement. In approaching the role, Crowe says he had to start with an open mind. "Because you never know what you're going to find," the 55-year-old New Zealand-born actor says. THE LOUDEST VOICE (2019) TV Mini-series Trailer: Russell Crowe is Fox News founder Roger Ailes [Showtime] Rollo Tomasi Follow on Twitter April 21, 2019 0 2 minutes read Crowe agreed, saying there is a strong and timeless sense of communal connection that takes place during a night out at the movies, as people have the potential to become inspired and experience emotional release, if only for a short while. Market data provided by Factset. Characters live in an alternative history in which Franklin D. Roosevelt was defeated in the U.S. presidential election of 1940 by Charles Lindbergh. Was this review helpful to you? Russell Crowe revealed the surprising reason his kids decided to isolate from the coronavirus in the populous city of Sydney, Australia rather than out in the rural bush with him — food delivery. Once Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit becomes public, Roger moves into crisis mode, doing everything he can to save his career and legacy. His predatory behavior, meanwhile, is depicted through his domineering relationship with booker Laurie Luhn (a haunting Annabelle Wallis), although even Ailes wife, Elizabeth (Sienna Miller), is managed when she dares exhibit independence or, in his eyes, risks undermining him. Crowe with Annabelle Wallis as Laurie Luhn, a woman who accused Ailes of blackmailing her into more than 20 years of virtual psychological and sexual enslavement. That's how he got the eyeballs to Fox News in the first place.". Working feverishly to get ahead of the competition, Roger must do the unthinkable - put an entire network on the ... Prime Video has your Halloween movie picks covered. Title: "With prosthetics you learn that the makeup is doing a lot of work for you, so you don't try and act through the makeup, you just let it be what it is and then you play the role," Crowe says. “He was a very complicated bloke,” he said. With Save Our Shows, you can cast your vote among dozens of network comedies and dramas that are “on the bubble” between renewal and cancellation. Setting aside politics, "The Loudest Voice" showcases an impressive cast that also includes Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson and Seth MacFarlane as former Fox public-relations chief Brian Lewis. To understand the events that led to the rise of the modern Republican party, one must understand Ailes. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. "It's very uncomfortable wasting that much of your life sitting in a makeup chair. The question people should ask themselves is, “Are you sure you should be responding in that way, in this moment?" You probably already have your opinions about Ailes, the central figure in Showtime’s new limited series “The Loudest Voice.” Crowe, who plays him, isn’t so interested in those, either. “Loudest” is the first major portrayal of Ailes by an actor; Metcalf said Crowe had been his first choice. How Russell Crowe Channeled Roger Ailes in ‘The Loudest Voice’ The new Showtime series follows the rise and fall of the former Fox News chief. “His death certainly liberated us in a certain sense in writing the show because we had a very clear ending, for one,” said Sherman, who was a writer on several episodes, including the pilot. "Just take care of it." “Gretchen, at the end, has the loudest voice, not Roger.”, How Russell Crowe Channeled Roger Ailes in ‘The Loudest Voice’. Not the writer whose reporting inspired the show. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Ailes was still alive when the writers’ room got to work; his sudden death in 2017 changed the equation. "Gabriel has already done the first 600 hours of work on your behalf, so you take advantage of it," Crowe says. The further into Ailes' life he delved, Crowe found contradiction after contradiction. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. He was searching, he explained, for someone with “both the charm and the power and, weirdly, the vulnerability to play this powerhouse of a man who influenced so many people.”. Use the HTML below. In booming 1932 Los Angeles, a down-and-out defense attorney takes on the case of a lifetime. “I had no idea going into the book project when I first started it in early 2011 that it would become this surreal odyssey where Ailes had hired private detectives to follow me,” he said. “I can have my own opinions, but I can’t portray Roger from an outside perspective,” Russell Crowe said about his role playing Roger Ailes. Actors Russell Crowe brings Fox News architect Roger Ailes to life in the new drama The Loudest Voice. “We honestly fought about it,” he said, referring to his discussions with Crowe. His life, and the role he played in the reshaping of the political and media landscape, is the subject of the new drama The Loudest Voice, in which Australian actor Russell Crowe, at 1.82m and with the aid of substantial latex padding, brings him dramatically to life. It's a great character study and a pretty good insight into the mind of conservative elites. We were shooting in New Orleans in the summertime. But he doesn't see the danger posed by Gretchen Carlson. Focusing primarily on the last decade, the series chronicles Ailes' rise to prominence and the sexual harassment allegations that eventually led to his downfall at Fox News. Fox News powerhouse Roger Ailes dies 02:57 (CNN) Roger Ailes was a larger-than-life figure, and Russell Crowe rises to that challenge with an epic performance in … "I think most television shows once you're up and going with a crew and everything, they have their own momentum, and a television director is in a slightly different situation than a film director, because there's a certain level of authorship that they no longer have," he says. "You've got to be able to communicate to them how you've built the character," he adds. “And Ailes is a famously combative and difficult person, so not having him there to fight as we were developing the show certainly was one obstacle removed.”. Mark Gill, who produced the film, remained confident about moviegoers returning to the theater to experience something normal, in an effort to balance out the chaos of the coronavirus lockdowns. Adapted from Gabriel Sherman’s scathing (and unauthorized) 2014 biography, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” and his reporting for New York magazine, the series focuses on the roughly two decades Ailes spent building Fox News from nothing into America’s most watched cable news network. Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly leads an unexpected fight against the Equal Rights Amendment movement during the 1970s. Looking for some great streaming picks? Russell Crowe, transformed by makeup and pinstriped suits, stars as Ailes, alongside Naomi Watts as former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson; an … In other words, it will embody the legacy of a man whom Crowe — not typically known for understatement — described as “a very complicated bloke.”. With Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane, Annabelle Wallis. Similarly, the fourth episode devotes too much time to Ailes' involvement in local politics by buying his community newspaper. "There’s a series of points where you’re supposed to feel sympathetic [for a character] and that’s not what we were trying to do," he explained. 'Rich and complex': Russell Crowe on playing Roger Ailes post-#metoo. Written by Any reason Bill O'Reilly is not portraited in this at all? Created by Tom McCarthy, Alex Metcalf. “As an actor you’re always looking for those kinds of nuances,” Watts said, noting Carlson’s religiosity and dedication to family but also her ambition and willingness to play along. The result is a compelling if flawed condensation of Gabriel Sherman's book, worth watching for anyone interested in the political-media nexus where Ailes reigned. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. But let’s suppose you did. For all the profitable noise Ailes made during his career, he was undone by a chorus of long-silenced voices that ultimately proved too loud for even the head of Fox News to shout down.

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