fuzi graffiti

It’s not the same game, different for sure, but it’s with the same sincerity. Is your attitude the same as when you were a young boy starting out in the Parisian train yards? I felt the act of tattooing is as important as the design on the skin.

Head to FUZI’s website to see more of his work.

I’m not here to tattoo gangsters or something like that, it’s art and it’s not so serious, it’s only for life. FUZI ist Mitbegründer der legendären Gruppe UV (Ultra Violent). My clients are all different but I think they all share a common point, they are searching for something ‘different’ and real. Wer will kann sich direkt von ihm zwischen 20 und 22 Uhr tätowieren lassen. We crossed out a lot of people, and used different nicknames to elude the police. I used cartoons and punch lines in my graffiti. On the streets, he pioneered a distinct, personal look—coined, "Ignorant Style." We came from the suburbs of Paris, and we would go to Paris to conquer, with tags, graffiti, but also to shoplift or rob people. Tell me about your favourite tattoo that you’ve done. Veteran French graffiti writer FUZI UV TPK was a force on the Parisian subway system. I can also create something for you, special, if you have got a precise idea or something in your mind. People didn’t understand this way and thought I was an ignorant person, a toy, but we were everywhere on trains, subways, streets, and I know a lot of different graffiti styles. When I began to show my art in exhibitions, I naturally felt it would be nice to show this part of my art, so I inked my art on people during my exhibitions. Ignorant Style was born when my crew and I controlled Paris trains in the middle of the ’90s. (via). Zum französischen Interview gehts hier lang und hier gibts ne deutsche Übersetzung.

Am 3. und 4.

Zum französischen Interview gehts hier lang und hier gibts ne … My flash tattoos are the continuity of my drawings, my graffiti sketches. Der Fokus … Ignorant Style was about making something different and letting jealous people speak about me. How did you get into tattooing? I wanted to tattoo like me. Er erfand den ignorant style, einen naiv-kindlichen Malstil, beeinflusst von der New Yorker Graffiti-Szene der 1970er Jahre. Is there certain imagery that you prefer to use? But I have kept the same wild style in me to push me to be ‘free’ in my life and in my art. FUZI UV TPK (*1975) ist in der Pariser Banlieue aufgewachsen. People often talk about the importance of being careful with what you ink into your skin because of the permanence of tattoos. I thought for a long time that if a person showed me how I must do it, I’ll lose my fresh style, my authenticity. FUZI ist Mitbegründer der legendären Gruppe UV (Ultra Violent). He got inked just one meter from a running subway. In the beginning, I tattooed in apartments, and all places where there are customers—parties, streets, halls, etc. I had no idea how to use a brush, a canvas, or a tattoo machine, because I had used only markers and spraycans before. I started by practicing by myself on canvas, and on my skin, and I found my way. Er ist und bleibt ein Phantom. I felt it in me, but my way of life didn’t help me to develop my artistic side. Er erfand den ignorant style, einen naiv-kindlichen Malstil, beeinflusst von der New Yorker Graffiti-Szene der 1970er Jahre. I went there just to chill in trains, hide under wagons, and play in the yards. I have always hated tattoo shops. But I know I have favourite place – when I tattooed a friend in a subway tunnel, I unplugged the neon and used the electricity for my machine. I saw white rock-and-roll guys with leather and long hair, dragon and skull tattoos—I listened to hip hop and painted subways; their culture was not my culture. what was the crew like back in the ’90s? What do you think of this? Der französische Künstler hat sich während fünfzehn Jahren dem Seinen-Namen-auf-Züge-Schreiben gewidmet. My girlfriend told me it’s “seulement pour la vie” (“only for life”).

TPK crew were our friends, we trusted the crew because we had the same ways. Los gehts ab 19 Uhr. © BERLIN GRAFFITI – REST IN PEACE, CHRISTOPHER K. Ausstellung: Martha Cooper – Taking Pictures, Wir haben Deine Party: Das Räuber-Kollektiv, Vorstellung der Extremismusbeauftragten der Polizei Berlin, Großeinsatz gegen das Virus – Polizei Berlin und Bundespolizei ziehen eine Zwischenbilanz der Kontrollen am 24./25.10.2020 zwischen 18 und 2 Uhr, BPOLD-B: Öffentlichkeitsfahndung nach Gewalttat, BPOLD-B: Ausbildungslehrgang startet zur deutschlandweiten fliegerisch taktischen Übung, BPOLD-B: Bundespolizei nimmt Taschendiebin fest. Now as an accomplished graffiti and tattoo artist, with two published books, a clothing line, and gallery work under his belt, FUZI’s ‘Ignorant Style’ is iconic. 16.6k Followers, 889 Following, 743 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from FUZI (@fuzi_tattoo) When someone comes to you for a tattoo, do they usually have their own idea of what they want, or do you just create something yourself? TPK are known for their wild ways. Le Interview avec FUZI CanalStreet, ein Spartensender von Canal+, hat gestern ein Interview mit FUZI (UV, TPK) aus Paris veröffentlicht. Black is my way because it is strong, there can be no mistakes, there is one black line and a big punch line. The places I tattoo are often linked with my graffiti life – I like to tattoo in hidden and underground places like tunnels, yards or rooftops. Tell me about the transition from graffiti writer to tattoo artist. I wrote with direct lines, throwups, simple letters. August findet im Salon Renate in Neukölln eine Ausstellung (Facebook Event) von FUZI U.V. You can’t say you are the same at 15 years old and at 37. All of this is kept in my style of tattoos.

Graffiti was the key to open my mind about my art potential. Can you describe an average day for you guys? There were priorities—rob food, and paint and shit to make money—but after that, painting trains or subways was the goal. But there is a second degree in a lot of my designs, jokes, references. People come to me to get an Ignorant Style tattoo by FUZI; that is what is important. Your tattoos are direct and simple and they maintain a sense of raw naivety in the shaky black lines and clean text. It was my playground before I understood anything about writing. Trailer zum Festival NAME-DROPPING mit GIGO PROPAGANDA. In the end of the 1980s, I lived with my father in an apartment just 100 meters from the train yards. Er erfand den.

I have adopted the insult, “FUZI is ignorant,” for myself. Naturally, I saw the names on the seats and all over, and I tried to do the same, to become a legend like these names.

Graffiti is a perfect, free activity—rough, illegal and creative—exactly what I wanted at this period. Der französische Künstler hat sich während fünfzehn Jahren dem Seinen-Namen-auf-Züge-Schreiben gewidmet. Aris | Fuzi UVTPK | Gigo Propaganda | Just-Boris Niehaus . We created UV (ULTRA VIOLENT) with close friends in my neighbourhood. FUZI UV TPK (*1975) ist in der Pariser Banlieue aufgewachsen. This is a performance, for me and for the ‘customer’, I like to transport this moment in other places, to attract people with the act, not only the design. OK, I have got an ignorant style, and I will rob you, beat you and paint more than you. Totally. FUZI UV TPK (*1975) ist in der Pariser Banlieue aufgewachsen. You’ve published two books, exhibited work in galleries, started the Ignorant People clothing line, and just recently you debuted in NYC at The Hole Shop with people lining up for you to leave your FUZI mark on their skin. I propose them to check my books, I have got thousands of original designs with different themes. And this is a part of my attitude, direct and rough. Raised on a diet of gang culture, FUZI spent his youth in the Parisian train yards of the 1980s, laying the foundations for his wild start in the graffiti scene. Das Graffiti & Street Art Festival BundeskunstHALL OF FAME lässt internationale Szenegrößen und Newcomer in der verlassenen Ausstellungsarchitektur im Sinne einer Jam-Session gemeinsam arbeiten und die Räume über einen Zeitraum von zehn Tagen neu gestalten.

CanalStreet, ein Spartensender von Canal+, hat gestern ein Interview mit FUZI (UV, TPK) aus Paris veröffentlicht. I don’t know, the last tattoo is often the best. You’re known for your “ignorant style.” How would you explain this to someone new?

Der französische Künstler hat sich während fünfzehn Jahren dem Seinen-Namen-auf-Züge-Schreiben gewidmet. It was a really free and wild expression and I created letters and style without traditional graffiti rules. When everyday life pushed me to slow real vandal writing, I compensated by finding other ways to express myself. We travelled all over the city to tag in the street, inside subway cars, jumping on the railway to paint the outside of the cars, making a big piece in yards, taking photos and the rest of the day was just chilling in the streets, drinking, laughing, smoking weed… and finding other writers to punish. But I must make it with my style, there is no other choice. Howdy, gelernter Chefredakteur (Head of Storytelling) und Ornithologie- sowie Raketentechnik-Experte, schreibt seit 2008 für BERLIN GRAFFITI.Davor war er unter diversen Pseudonymen off- sowie online aktiv. You do your tattoo work in unusual places; can you tell me about these places and why you do it? A big exhibition of my canvases in the U.S. soon, a tattoo tour in Asia, a new book of my photography, developing my brand Ignorant People, and continuing to create. TPK statt. All my tattoos are unique, and I only make the design one time, it’s a part of my art on your skin. Graphic designers, writers, top models, artists, drug dealers, hipsters, actors, athletes, etc. Kostenpunkt pro Tattoo: 100 Euro. Our attitude was a mix of gang culture and graffiti. I use eternal human themes—violence, love, sex—and mix it with my background of street life, graffiti and gang culture. For me, Ignorant Style was more a state of mind—used now by a lot of writers—it’s about not giving a fuck about others and creating without rules and constraints. Heute lebt er in Südfrankreich, wo er schreibt, malt, fotografiert und tättowiert. Check the news section of my website for details. What’s the reason that you don’t use any colour or more detail?

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