how much bank statement for uk visit visa

The question of how much UK visiting visa statement depends on your stay in the UK. Prefer to use the bank statement where your regular salary is coming every month which give more credibility during the visa application process. UK demands three months bank statements along with the visa application. Accordingly, UK visitor visa sponsor documents mainly relate to proof of accommodation and sponsor bank balance. You must have a minimum of USD 8000/-to USD 10,000 in your Pakistani bank. Though the new Document Guidance is silent on the period your bank statement must cover; it is advisable to submit a bank statement of not less than six months. If you go as a single person then the amount required as a bank statement will be less in other situations you will need a large amount. Moreover, a sponsor also needs to write a letter of invitation for the proposed trip. Indeed, the sponsorship letter is essentially an undertaking in accordance with Paragraph 35 Part 1 of the Immigration Rules. Emmanuel Opoku Acheampong Where possible, you must submit a bank statement of not less than 12 months to resolve any doubts about your claimed financial circumstances.

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