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While Mr. Peterson has been stung by quite a few wasps, ants, and bees, not all have been that painful. While the scorpion is technically an arachnid (and therefore not on the insect sting pain index), it is something terrifying that Coyote Peterson has had sting him.

He winces pretty badly, but the actual sensation of initial pain wasn’t all that bad. And to distinguish the bad from the worse, he started with the easy. Located in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, this ant species is another that can both bite and sting—neither of which are fun. Among entomologists and the like, the harvester ant is infamous for possessing the most toxic venom known to the Hymenoptera order. This unrelenting communication causes wave upon wave of terrible pain. Thank goodness. Believe it or not, but Mr. Peterson was not the first to put himself through the many torments of animal stings. But it pales in comparison to what comes next. It’s “so much worse than a bullet ant sting!”. We … For the better part of two minutes, Peterson just seethes on the ground, kicking and shifting dirt. But, even with this progressive discomfort, Peterson says the sting isn’t as bad as the bullet ant. This concoction makes poneratoxin an especially obnoxious aggriever, capable of inflicting all sorts of wicked sensations.

He’s probably lucky on that front. It is, as he says, the worst sting he’s yet taken; it feels like he’s getting stung over and over, pulsating and convulsing like a bad cramp. He described the sensation as “hot, radiating, waves of pain.” How he expressed any eloquence during this display of pure pain is difficult to comprehend. Peterson’s viral pièce de résistance, though, came in the form of his ascent up the Schmidt sting pain index, a scale of relative pain created by the eponymous entomologist to classify insect venoms. Peterson's channel Brave Wilderness currently has close to 14 million subscribers; many, no doubt, … The bullet ant is the insect Peterson has been waiting for. In essence, your body is not a huge fan of this firing, so it tells you that it hurts–and we get to watch Peterson experience the entire excruciating process. Pain so slight as to constitute no real deterrent – Hmmmm. The world is full of nasty stingers. Peterson lasts the entire 60 seconds, jumps up, then swipes the remaining ants from his back, neck, and pant legs.

You know what happens next: a fun journey (at least for us) into the world of terrible stings. A noble and self-sacrificial effort if I’ve ever seen one.

Also recognized as “tarantula hawk”, the insect is one of the deadliest insects to cause … Immediately after getting stung, Coyote jumps up and shouts. They’re creepy, crawly, and—as we’re about to find out—terribly poisonous. Much contrary to popular opinion, though, most scorpions don’t inject you with a lethal amount of venom. What’s striking, though, is that the pain only grows, leaving Peterson to pace the rainforest floor in agony. Kicking the dirt a bit in bouts of pain, you can tell he’s having an interesting experience. The goal, then, was to find a warrior wasp, capture it, then make it sting. It was a neat metaphor for the success of Brave Wilderness: The more pain Peterson put himself in, as he moved from cow killer wasp to tarantula hawk to bullet ant, the more successful he … He fell to the ground, pointed to the puncture marks, then fell back to the ground in even more pain. He leaps up from the sting zone, jumps to the ground, then clutches his stung left arm. The pain is like fire, he says. But the pain gets even worse, and Peterson eventually makes a trip to urgent care. Regardless, its sting was mild compared to the red imported fire ant. Explore part of the index below.

Here, we move out of the insect kingdom and into the world of other animals and their painful self-defense mechanisms. Then, he plunges his bare hand upon the back of the fish’s erect spines. No pain – Oh, was that it?

The pedipalps of the stripe-tailed scorpion are far smaller than those of the desert scorpion. How much protein can your body absorb in one meal? Unlike the stings from the tarantula hawk and bullet ant that we’ll see later, this onslaught of stings wasn’t actually that bad. So once bitten, you have little recourse but to sit back and embrace the pain. Stock Up On These Super Foods: The Immune-Boosting Foods You Need To Add To Your Grocery List, Copyright © 2020 Novelty Magazines Inc. DBA 101 Network.

The most salient of these reasons is the potency of its venom—what scientists call poneratoxin. And while fire ants only earn a 1.2, they are arguably worse because of their swarming tendencies. But recently he discovered a new contender for the most agonising of insect weapons, and it's not one he'd expected. While most of the stings and bites Peterson has thus far suffered were planned, some he has come by accidentally. Considering Peterson’s lengthy CV of unbearable bites, this says a lot. To do this, he took off again to the rainforests of Costa Rica. 6. The Schmidt Sting Pain Index or The Justin O. Schmidt Pain Index is a scale rating the relative pain caused by different Hymenopteran stings. While it seems that Peterson has adopted a unique version of this index, an earlier version did exist.

Now back to our list. Then, the eggs hatch to feast on the live body of the spider.

The sting of the harvester ant is considered 20 times more painful than that of your run-of-the-mill honey bee, injecting you with a venom that’ll linger for something like 30 minutes. The giant desert centipede is another of those creatures that induces a mass amount of unease in those who see them.

On his quest to endure the most painful sting in the world, the self-punishing wildlife educator Coyote Peterson has put together a compilation of the insects whom he purposely irritated in order to make them react in the only way they knew how. You'll see he says the warrior wasp isn't quite as painful as the ant, but we still don't want this wasp anywhere near us! In his quest to scale the pain index and experience first-hand the most powerful punches our insect friends can inflict, Peterson starts off by putting his hands into a swarm of harvester ants - a common species in the southwestern US. It’s so bad, in fact, that he has to use a venom extractor to remove some of the venom. Everything from the common bee to the notorious bullet ant are enough to inflict unease in those around them. Let this be a lesson to all those fear deserts creepy-crawlies: not all scary-looking things are that bad. This venom kills off certain parts of the skin, creating a stingy, itchy, and pustule-filled sore. Realistically, what are the chances of a zombie apocalypse? The goal is to show us the pain that these can animals inflict so that we, the audience, are motivated to exercise caution when we see them in the wild. The sting is rumored so painful that it can kill a full-grown cow in one fell swoop. The severity of the sting, as Peterson made clear, made it worthy of its superlative ranking. Because this sting was so innocuous, Peterson thirsted for more. The plan, then, was to traverse from the lightest to the most painful. The red imported fire ant is far more notorious than the yellowjacket. The first was again another giant desert hairy scorpion. Despite this reluctance, Peterson later described the bite as the worst pain he has yet to experience. This is saying a lot, since that pain was enough to keep him flat on the desert floor.

The Schmidt sting pain index. The move onto other creatures that bite, sting, and stab is a departure from the insect sting pain index.

After enough momentum swelled in the form of comments and online pleas, Peterson conceded to his audience and plotted his next pain journey. Coyote Peterson has since taken his adapted version of the index to the public. This accident, while terrible, provided another opportunity for us to watch Peterson in pain. While this departure might take us from the world of insects, it doesn’t take us away from Peterson’s main goal: education. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. From scorpions to bullet ants, the YouTube celebrity endures intense pain in the name of education, if not a few million clicks. From terrible stings to even more terrible stings YouTube . Essentially, the toxin causes neurons to fire far more rapidly than normal, shooting off signal after incessant signal. It is listed near the top of the list in Schmidt Sting Pain Index.

Since the bite was accidental, he likely didn’t have any prepared material to rehearse on film. So what happens to Peterson when he lets this hawk attack his arm? So now, we look to what Peterson describes as the worst—albeit accidental—pain he has yet to experience: the bite of the Gila monster. But, when provoked, it can induce multiple stings. Hopefully it works. What a man, this pain pioneer. Yikes. But it’s really their venom that makes life such a drag.

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