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Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. They deem insignificant sins that the church considered monstrous only a few generations ago. More Republicans did answer this particular poll, he said, but it was a statistically, 29. He compared the, Insignificance definition is - the quality or state of being, English words and Examples of Usage use ", French Translation of “insignificant” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. 5.i remember that you have not Insignificant, you is i can't think of at a loss. The environmental impacts of recreation, tourism and sport are, 25. Insignificance definition, the quality or condition of being insignificant; lack of importance or consequence. 6. Smaller paths and lanes frequently lead off the main holloway, but even this may be narrow and, 28. See more. 5. Schultz); but it is surely significant that the great history idealism of Plato was developed from his suggestions. In the West armies were cosmopolitan and religious animosities relatively, 30. 15. 9.the suave and reasonable weight of his dislikes and his approvals stirred shelton up to feel ironical and Insignificant. "people can earn up to us$15 a week, which isn't Insignificant in a poor country like burkina faso, " says andrea micconi of lvia. √ 100% FREE. Why bother arguing about such an insignificant amount of money? broke our hearts, and we felt so small and Insignificant. 38 people chose this as the best definition of insignificant: Having little or no meani See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The people were ground down by new forms of taxation and every kind of extortion, but on the whole Rome was free from internal disturbances during his reign; some, He is not a dramatist - his work as such is, The part which he played during the Hundred Days (1815) was also, Trade with her immediate neighbours is now, Nowhere were the nations Christian, but the Christian faith was everywhere accepted by a not, As secondary to that of declaring the sentence of God, but they were no longer, A great number of articles had been enumerated in the earlier tariff acts, each of which was imported in very small quantity and yielded an, A water-parting extending from north-east to south-west and close to the Atlantic border separates the East Shore into two drainage systems, though that next to the Atlantic is, The office, as having become too great for a subject, was now shorn of its most important powers and became politically, The peninsula of Yucatan has no rivers, and that of Lower California only a few, In 1183 he induced the atabeg Imad-ud-din to exchange Aleppo for the, But his borrowings from this source must have been quite, Yet in spite of these accessions, the population of the country realized a slightly smaller proportion of gain than when the foreign arrivals were almost, For the exact determination of the last element the census affords no precise data, but affords material for various approximations, based either upon the elimination of the probable progeny of immigrants since 1790; on the known increase of the whites of the South, where the foreign element has always been relatively, In the colonial period there were beginnings in some lines of manufacturing, but the policy of the British government was generally hostile and the increase was, The vastly greater part of mineral products are used in manufactures within the United States, and only an, Of the two classes of iron minerals used as ores of that metal, namely, oxides and carbonates, the latter furnish to-day an, The yield of the Upper Mines culminated about 1845, and long ago became, Tin ores have been widely discovered, but though much has been hoped for from them, particularly from the deposits in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, there has been no more than a relatively, He appoints some of the state officials, his nominations usually requiring the concurrence of the state senate; but his patronage is in most states not very largein many it is indeed, Not half of the area has been brought under cultivation, and the acreage under wood is, Sulphurous and other mineral springs, both hot and cold, exist in several districts, and deposits of silver, iron, copper, sulphur, coal and other minerals have been discovered; but the exploitation of these is retarded by lack of communications, and, apart from building materials, sulphur and salt, the actual output is, Its Adoption Upon Our Present Gregorian Calendar Would Only Require The Suppression Of The Usual Bissextile Once In Every 128 Years, And There Would Be No Necessity For Any Further Correction, As The Error Is So, Of Aragon (1327-1336) was a weak man whose reign was, The shipments of foreign merchandise each way are relatively, In his teaching he laid stress on ethics; and his most important works, of which only, During the 4th century it is to be noticed that, generally speaking, the Roman Church played a comparatively, The Italian troubles, which had entailed the exile of Eugenius IV., were still, This is not inconsistent with the law of gravitation, for such estimates as have been made of planetary perturbations due to stars give results which are, The chapel of St Bartholomew, although externally, His use of the veto in 1882 in the cases of a Chinese Immigration Bill (prohibiting immigration of Chinese for twenty years) and a River and Harbour Bill (appropriating over $18,000,000, to be expended on many, Apart from the rivers on its borders, it is watered by, To these may be added emery, steatite, barytes, felspar and ochre, in considerable quantities; excellent lithographic stone is obtained at Solenhofen; and gold and silver are still worked, but to an, In passing, it may be noted that the cost of the ore itself forms a relatively small part of the cost even of the cruder forms of steel, hardly a quarter of the cost of such simple products as rails, and an, Some odd lots of skins arrive designated simply as "sundries," so no classification is possible, and this will account for the absence of a few names of skins of which the imports are, The street; while the windows were generally to be found only in the upper storey, and were in all cases small and, The windows, as already mentioned, were generally small and, Llanelly, though an ancient parish and a borough by prescription under a portreeve and burgesses in the old lordship of Kidwelly, remained, But for these great reservoirs the Nile would decrease in summer to quite an, In 1859, when the neighbouring town of Kanagawa was opened to foreigners under the treaty with the United States, Yokohama was an, The intervention which Napoleon had planned resolved itself into diplomatic ~ pour parlers of which the result was wholly, Whatever was covered by established precedent could be settled by the department at once; but matters falling outside such precedent, however, In 1907 the exports were valued at $317,838; the imports were, The Bulgarian Mahommedans, or Pomaks, who inhabit the valleys of Rhodope and certain districts in northern Bulgaria, are numerically, Exposed to the successive calamities of the Danish incursions, the English conquest and the English wars, and at last deserted by its bishops, who retired to Drogheda, the venerable city sank into an, Even amongst the extreme advocates of the theory of mutations, the importance of magnitude is being discounted by their suggestion that some of the minute variations which have hitherto been regarded by them as, No region was more often ravaged than that of the lower Loire, so rich in abbeys - St Martin of Tours, Marmoutiers, St Benedict, &c. But the country ceded to the vikings under Hasting at the Loire mouth was, Severe, therefore, as were the viking raids in Europe, and great as was the suffering they inflicted - on account of which a special prayer, A furore Normannorum libera nos, was inserted in some of the litanies of the West - if they had been pirates and nothing more their place in history would be an, During the American civil war the planters of Ecuador entered largely into the production of cotton, which at that time yielded large profits, but the industry has declined to very, But it is remarkable that, although within the Old Testament itself there are certain different backgrounds, important variations and developments of law, these are relatively, We may draw the inference that they formed an, The city walls, begun in 1671 and completed about 1740, were almost entirely demolished between 1863 and 1880, only a few, Here the Bashgol and Chitral valleys unite and the boundary passes to the water-divide east of the Chitral river, after crossing it by a spur which leaves the, But at the present day the search for them, if carried on anywhere in British territory, is an, Repnin convinced himself that the dissidents were too poor and, The site chosen consisted of an expanse of marshland through which the Stour flowed as an, 694), at the moment when the people were assembled in the mosque for morning prayers, an unknown young man of, The Turks who had placed him on the throne could not maintain themselves, but so, According to theosophy, it would appear that these notions are for the most part mistaken, or at any rate they are quite, While man is fallen and by nature vile, nevertheless his possibilities are so vast that in comparison the affairs of earth are, They inhabited a large number of settlements, varying in size from important towns like Gythium to, The rainfall is scanty in average years, and only an, Compared with art or law, literature or philosophy, ancient science (in our sense) was almost, In this respect Holland stands by itself; but in the others mentioned, with the exception of Ireland, both marriage and birth-rates are high and there has been a comparatively, It will be seen that the only European country which gains by the exchange is France, and there the accretion is almost, A few of the German princes, among whom Maximilian, the prince cardinal Albert of Mainz, Frederick the Wise of Saxony, and Eberhard of Wurttemberg deserve mention, exercised a not, The wine industry in Greece, which in ancient times and during the middle ages was of great importance, has now become, at any rate in point of quality, quite, The village of Vasiliko which now occupies the site is quite, His last official act was to carry out his intention by passing through parliament resolutions, which even his colleagues deprecated in the cabinet, for taxing several articles, such as glass, paper and tea, on their importation into America, which he estimated would produce the, It is maintained, on the other hand, that his motives were throughout those of ambition rather than piety, and that, apart from the tragedy of his death, he would have been an, The pontificate of Innocent fell within an important period in European politics, and he himself played no, To give some idea of the widereaching functions of the police, the power assumed in matters momentous and quite, It remained an important city for some time after its final incorporation in the Ottoman empire; but became subsequently an, Experiments with labelled plaice, carried out in 1904 by the Marine Biological Association, showed that small plaice transplanted to the Dogger Bank in spring grew three times as rapidly as those on the inshore grounds, and the same result, with, In the case of sea-fishes it is becoming increasingly recognized that the millions of cod fry which are annually turned out of the American, Newfoundland and Norwegian hatcheries are but an, The nave has only two bays and the choir is, These gradients enable the inconstant streams tributary to the Colorado to carve their canyons, some of which are in themselves very remarkable, though, Foreign residents are few, and the trade passing through the maritime customs is comparatively, The territory is divided into two districts, the northern having its capital at the, So far-reaching were the interests controlled by him in this capacity of humanist that his achievement as an Italian lyrist seems by comparison, For a time there were even attempts to continue "imperial chronicles," but they were, With the exception of those in the Lake District (q.v.)

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