intelligence officer personality

This is supported by Elliott as the only one of the three leaders to fall into the ‘extravert’ personality category; he actively seeks out society and performs well when sociable behaviour is required. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you instructions for re-setting your password. Allport observed approximately 18,000 terms in the English language designating distinctive forms of behaviour and suggests that a large body of descriptive terms indicates that the psychologist must guard against an ‘over-simplified’[22]; characteristics must be named, but cautiously. However, Elliott appears to behave in a manner convergent with low conscientiousness; unreliability in some areas, an active desire to stray outside rules and impulsive behaviour. Supported by many subsequent studies, Allport proclaims that traits will never exclusively determine behaviour because situational factors, and the unique nature of the stimuli at one precise moment, provoke an adaptive response that is unlikely to manifest itself in the same way again[31]. A desire for deeper understanding is not limited to personal events but will flow into the professional career, as it did with Elliott who “In 1942 I had arrived in Cairo with absolutely no first-hand knowledge of the Middle East… but over the years I have had opportunities to form deeper impressions”[128]. Elliott lacks any anxiousness and displays rational and fully-developed coping mechanisms that are a sign of emotional stability. High levels of extraversion are not required for the organisation and management of established institutions that will continue to function regardless of social engagement from the chief; no doubt some normal modes of social interaction are required, which both Strong and Rimington prove themselves able, but the level of the engagement need not be pronounced. Strong’s high conscientiousness pushes him toward sensing and not intuition, however the intellectual vigour and creativity of his openness, combined with originality and desire for success in the future places him clearly in the intuitive category; whereby his ability to think strategically analyse information to identify a variety of possible outcomes supports this categorisation. Not interested in subjects they see no use for, but an apply themselves when necessary. Rimington documents how when she perceived work to be of little relevance or interest the effort put into the enterprise would diminish over time unless some variety was injected into the environment. Characteristics associated are competence, dutifulness, self-discipline and deliberation[77].

New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum, DiRenzo, G. (1974) Personality and Politics. Oxford: Westview, Goldberg, L. (1990) ‘An alternative ‘description of personality’: The Big-Five factor structure’. Unlike neuroticism, high levels of extraversion predispose individuals to positive affects. (1997). Prior to enlisting in the Security Service, Rimington sought other interesting and intellectual opportunities that would allow her to indulge in a variety of different interests, for example, “, . The lexical hypothesis stimulates questions of whether the FFM may be employed cross-culturally; whether non-Western languages have a common sequence of linguistic descriptors of features of personality.

This content was originally written for an undergraduate or Master's program. Thus she falls into one of the four Introvert-Intuitive (IN) personality types. Type theory builds upon Jung’s psychoanalysis that classified individual differences in behaviour as ‘attitude types’ of mental opposites, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a typology that proposes sixteen distinctive types through a combination of characteristic cognitive predispositions (similar to Jung’s mental opposites); Sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling, extraversion and introversion, and judging and perceiving. . As an only child, Elliott recognises that he was occasionally ‘rather lonely’, but only when the situation did not allow him access to social interaction, for – when lacking social relationships with peers – he “. Personality is a central psychological factor that constantly, nonconsciously influences behaviour and remains predominantly stable over time. Intelligence analysts tend to be predominantly investigative individuals, which means that they are quite inquisitive and curious people that often like to spend time alone with their thoughts. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes, p. 12, [60] Quenk, N. (2000) Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment. This study is unconcerned with. For example, of the twenty-eight Director-Generals of MI5 and Directors of SIS, at-least sixteen of them were educated at a British public school, five at Cambridge and four at Oxford; an indication of their class background and (arguably) of their intellect. You'll join hard-working professionals ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing strategic landscape. Cool onlookers – quiet, reserved, observing and analysing life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humour.

Individuals high in neuroticism are vulnerable to negative stimuli, which can reify predisposed problematic behaviour. Her originality and creativity is evident in the many imaginative asides, thus “The sound of all those feet drumming on the wooden floor in those ancient lecture rooms, just as they must have done for hundreds of years, made me feel I was part of some on-going historical process and this I enjoyed”[228].

Not lacking humour, his intellectual curiosity, disagreeableness and individual belief in military standards led him to write “for a now defunct military magazine an article entitled ‘Generals and Cookhouses’, which attempted to explain what really interested generals and did little to further my own military career”. Present paper

Moreover, extraverts are predisposed to experience recurring positive emotions, which Elliott documents extensively; “. Nevertheless, a trait can be scientifically observed whenever stimuli and responses are equivalent and clinically observed through a sustained study of an individual. Similarly, cooperation with the established norm – while occasionally overridden by other traits – is displayed by Rimington; she controls her high openness and curiosity in stating that “, and thus she knew how to distinguish when “, . Low levels give rise to brash, insensitive and independent behaviour and could be described as hostile and self-interested. Often rely on their ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance.

For example, “.

London: Plenum, p. 2, [52] Rolland, J. “Scarcely anyone has ever thought of questioning the existence of traits as the fundamental dispositions of personality”[15] asserts Allport, proposing trait theory as an alternative to Freud’s contention that personality was governed by the unconscious. A lack of social involvement is indicated by Rimington’s admission that she was “rather anxious… diffident and quietly spoken”[201] which betrays the high levels of agreeableness evident in her early life. Nevertheless, Elliott attaches great importance to maintaining sociability, for instance he “always disagreed with [abstinence from alcohol]. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, but may neglect routine assignments. Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart and James Bond, fact and fiction weave an intricate tapestry of intelligence individuals and their impact on the world. (1996) The Five Factor Model of Personality: Theoretical Perspectives.

Furthermore, members of the armed forces are held in esteem by Strong: In Rommel he found “, . FIGURE 2.2: The sixteen MBTI personality types and the characteristics frequently associated with each type. The lexical approach could be advantageous because it is less likely to encourage the fundamental attribution error.

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