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Will you be one of them? New Mum Is Horrified When MIL Manhandles Her Nipples Without Asking! How did a 78-year-old centrist become America's man of the moment? Andrew Bucklow ACBucklow August 9, 2020 9:34pm Have We Taken Kid's Birthday Parties Too Far? Man Experiments With Girlfriend’s Waxing Kit. Apparently, Wilkinson insisted on being paid the same amount as Stefanovic, who is thought to take home $2 million a year compared to her $1.1 million. Wilkinson then followed up with a Nine statement: “I want to thank Channel Nine for the privilege of co-­hosting the Today show for the last 10 years. So for now this, thank you. They BOTH sat front and centre every day and were the face of the show. Lisa Wilkinson Leaves The Today Show Following Salary Dispute. Let us know. I would particularly like to acknowledge my colleagues Karl, Sylvia, Georgie, Tim, Richard, Stevie and Natalie, as well as all the hard-working producers and the entire team behind the cameras — every one of them has contributed to the incredible success of the show over the years. What was at stake was the principle, with one employee doing the same work but earning more than a female colleague. Nine reportedly offered Wilkinson $1.8 to keep her, but she declined. ATO's debt book grows to more than $53 billion, 'It was such a shock': The Australian visa you never want to get, Cows, tech and turbines: A beginner's guide to why wind farms are where they are, Discrimination complaints from Indigenous people double in NT, but experts say that's 'a big positive', Melbourne pubs, restaurants and retailers in 30-hour race to reopen, When Rita Kebisu became homeless on Thursday Island, she blamed government departments, Live: Daniel Andrews expected to shed light on rules around home visits as Victoria prepares for end of lockdown, Prince Harry took years to realise unconscious racial bias existed, ASX to drop, Dow Jones falls 650 points on surging COVID-19 infections, took home $800,000 a year and flew business class. I have some more news. The TV presenter will now be gracing our screens on Channel 10 as part of The Project panel. Iles responded that the “mainstream Christian belief on this is that all of us are born going to hell”. How did it work out? This statement is from @channelten. Building Restorer Finds an Old Business Card From a Male Prostitute Complete With Price List. For just $200,000 — chump change for a company like Nine — the network has placed itself in an unnecessary position. I’m sad to say that today was my last day on the today show,” she wrote. Nine released a statement, saying it was "disappointed" that it was "unable to meet the expectations of Lisa Wilkinson and her manager". Lisa Wilkinson’s departure from The Today Show is both a win and a huge loss for women everywhere. In a move that has shocked Australia, Lisa Wilkinson ... Channel 10 were quick to announce they had successfully signed Wilkinson to host The Project. That’s not the kind of society I think we should live in to deal with issues like this.”, When pushed by co-host Hamish Macdonald to be more clear on whether he thinks homosexual people go to hell, Iles responded: “I don’t think it’s that simple. The Nine pay offer was reportedly up to $200,000 short of Stefanovic’s salary. The success of The Today Show rests on both their shoulders. I think we decline the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, and will be judged.”. Picture: Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images. Your email address will not be published. Should the rumours be true, then questions need to be asked about why Nine insisted on this gender pay disparity continuing and what its reasons are. We will be judged by God and we will be found wanting. This is what the network had to say: “Nine today confirmed we have been unable to meet the expectation of Lisa Wilkinson and her manager on a contract renewal for a further period.”. She showed little girls that they too can grow up to be whatever they want. Lisa Wilkinson leaves Today Show to join The Project, Liquid water spotted hiding in broad daylight on the Moon, Melbourne residents 'ecstatic' about new freedoms as home visit details to come, Victoria is the envy of the world today, but the race isn't over, 'Just doesn't cut it': Plibersek slams PM's delay of national integrity commission on Q+A, Weather set to get interesting all over again for the east coast, Akrish's parents have spent 'sleepless' nights worrying when they would see their son. Karl Stefanovic farewelled his former co-host Lisa Wilkinson on The Today Show, but made no mention of her reasons for quitting. We will see you soon, maybe after midday. How Nine could not have heard those voices is a poor indictment. While former Today show anchor was actually offered $1.8million to stay with Nine, she demanded an extra $500,000. “And that’s what Israel was saying when he was talking about salvation in Jesus Christ available to all, and millions of Australians believe that. Many viewers and women will feel equally disappointed that Nine was unable to see that Wilkinson was worth at least the same amount of money as her co-host. Social media has been flooded with posts congratulating Wilkinson. The fact that Weinstein got away with this despicable behaviour is only half the story; apparently, most of Hollywood was well aware that the Oscar-winning producer was a serial predator and his actions were not only tolerated, but Weinstein was actively protected from any consequences.

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