met evaluation report

It will be a good starting point to which more specific … stream Details about individual staff members involved in the project can be included either as part of this section or in the appendix, depending on the length and importance of this information. The evaluation focused on the PCFV Lead Campaign's startup and design, implementation, and overarching insights that could inform other partnership efforts. This evaluation covered eight XL projects in various stages of implementation. Welcome. The executive summary of an evaluation report is a shortened version of the full report. This evaluation assessed on how EPA's guidance and educational tools for enhancing community involvement in the Superfund risk assessment process are being applied, how effective EPA is at delivering the messages about risk assessment, and how community involvement is integrated into risk management decisions. The evaluator can gauge the number of beneficiaries and see what real difference has the project or its activities made in the lives of the people? Governance Office of Land and Emergency Management, Office of Emergency and Remedial Response. Specifically, the evaluation explored how grantees are using BEACH Act funding to notify the public of beach conditions; which notification methods are the most effective in reaching the public; and how beachgoers' awareness of beach advisories and closures, water quality risks and beach visitation behavior has changed in response to notifications. Objectives of the evaluation include assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impacts and sustainability of the project and its activities. This evaluation examined the experience of three states, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island, which established ERPs for the auto body repair sector. Is it being implemented? ), successful activities of project implementation etc. Will the project be sustainable through this strategy? OEM requested an outcome evaluation of the RMP focusing on the role of inspections. The goals were to establish a baseline of current practice and community satisfaction with EPA’s technical assistance (TA) and information dissemination (ID) practices, and to consider the feasibility of potential measures for tracking TA and ID moving forward. ), and Arizona

How was the exit strategy defined, and how this will be managed at the end of the funding period?

It is intended to promote awareness on how the evaluation reached its outcomes and conclusions. The evaluation results will be used to determine how OW can improve its Government Performance and Results Act measure and better assess whether EPA's efforts to support water quality trading programs are effective. A MET form (you can request to see a copy in advance) will be used, and the MET will make a recommendation for eligibility.
<> This evaluation assessed the extent to which Performance Track in New England is operated as needed. It was developed using output from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) modeling system but may be applied to the output of other modeling systems as well. The Team recommends whether the child should receive special education and the type and amount of services needed (the IEP Team makes the decision). Impact on beneficiaries and the community, Selection and processing of beneficiaries, Project management and overall implementation process, What activities were planned/implemented and how relevant the activities are in the context of what is to be achieved in the outcomes/impact. It currently contains almost 3000 evaluations conducted by UNECLAC, UNDP, UN Women, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNV, ILO, WFP and UNCDF. 2 0 obj

Under the new law, the paint industry set up a program to reduce paint waste, increase reuse and recycling, and safely dispose of remaining unusable paint. To achieve this, technical assistance ranging from newsletters, workshops, a help-line and mailings is offered. What difference is expected in the lives of those targeted in the project as compare the project baseline initial bench marks? The UNEG Database of Evaluation Reports is a repository of all publically available evaluation reports of UNEG agencies. This latter task will include assessing the accuracy of telephone survey information as a substitute for site visits.

However, the inclusion of recommendations is based upon the provided terms of reference for the evaluation. The evaluator should answer at least the following questions with regards to the project being evaluated: Efficiency of the project should be assessed against its costs, human resources and time. It will also include information about the reliability of the test and the standard deviations. This evaluation assessed how TMDLs can be developed and established to make it easier for relevant parties to implement. Data Assimilation It is a statement of why the assessment is needed, how it will benefit the program/project. <>>> ; and 4) How can OD measure its success? The evaluation also assessed whether the current information is sufficient (or if other information available but not already reported by partners is needed) to evaluate the program. It highlights the purpose of the evaluation, key questions, research methodology, evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations. This evaluation determined the effectiveness of the PESP approach of encouraging member companies to voluntarily adopt strategies and practices that achieve greater pollution prevention and pesticide risk reduction beyond that which would be achieved simply through compliance with pesticide regulations. OEM and the Evaluation Support Division agreed that prior to committing to a full evaluation, they would conduct an evaluation scoping project to: 1) assess whether current data are adequate to support an evaluation, and 2) identify additional data collection that might be required. But it may also have a written interpretation of the results. In addition to providing for improved accountability, impact evaluations are a tool for dynamic learning, allowing policymakers to improve ongoing programs and ultimately better allocate funds across programs. This outcome evaluation examined the success of State non-point source programs. The results were used to determine whether the program should be scaled-up for broader use. On occasion, independent third parties also conduct evaluations of EPA's programs. This evaluation helped OPP identify innovative approaches for simplifying the process to reregister pesticide products. This evaluation determined the extent to which the program achieved its intended objectives specifically, why the outcomes were achieved, whether the right performance measures were selected and if the approach can be replicated. For example, EPA offers compliance assistance to help the auto body sector better understand their responsibilities in following established environmental rules. Staff Profile, Goals x��[Yo�~��ЏӋͣx� ���&1�Ƀ���=���d{4N��>_�{��K=I,�4�"�"�X9n^��\\�zs��u�_�m������?�n����U����٫[�ۼ�;?3�Əi,%�cbT���3�|�_?����5�?��9?������U��1u1v,&ye45�{B��Bkw�p�?>j|�Wm�͂.���x�bΟ�-M�j���\.����a[׳43���׋x���F���^&����%���������˅�[��;r�3ʻ�Gdw����ΫH�y3�J;��9�{|�̡�1ڰ�5��%�� 6�H�/���c�%��)Y�r��m���b��il��,�O�I�BAy:��|�!^�&�9Xg����kGP��$ϑ9%���n�)9�d���O��V��h�)y����. The evaluation assessed how effective and efficient the grant program is in building comprehensive state and tribal wetland programs. Office of Air and Radiation; Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. It currently contains almost 3000 evaluations conducted by UNECLAC, UNDP, UN Women, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNV, ILO, WFP and UNCDF. This study identifies and examines outcomes and lessons learned from EPA’s implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This automated workflow concept serves to replace the Evaluation Management System or local processes at the unit-level. The team shall include at least 1 special education teacher or other specialist who has knowledge of the suspected disability.- MARSE R 340.1701b. Boulder, CO 80305, Executive Committee + Management Board Meetings, Common Community Physics Package (CCPP)/Single-Column Model (SCM), Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI), NITE: NWP Information Technology Environment, Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Containers, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Standard verification scores comparing gridded model data to point-based observations, Standard verification scores comparing gridded model data to gridded observations, Spatial verification methods comparing gridded model data to gridded observations using neighborhood, object-based, and intensity-scale decomposition approaches, Ensemble and probabilistic verification methods comparing gridded model data to point-based or gridded observations, Aggregating the output of these verification methods through time and space.

surveys, FGDs, key informant interviews, staff debriefing), data analysis and documentation. Region 1, Assistance and Pollution Prevention Office. [email protected], mailing: P.O. Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance. It also identified ways to improve program effectiveness and efficiency; recommended experimental incentives to encourage states to issue permits and permit revisions in a more timely manner; identified the causes for delays and the corrective actions that needed to be taken; and helped OAR make progress toward reaching OAQPS' Government Performance and Results Act goals and Performance Assessment Rating Tools targets for the Title V program. Staff List Office of Air and Radiation; Region 5; Minnesota Department of Health.

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