needles lookout trail

32E22 The Needles Lookout trail is 2.5 miles long. The tower was the primary communication line for persons in the backcountry where cell phones do not work. It’s worth the step workout! A ranger is stationed in the lookout during the dry months to keep watch over the forest. Description Starting from the trailhead, you have a couple of mountains to navigate up and down with the final climb up the switchbacks to the lookout. Also, the same can be said to occur in reverse so make sure you have the sunscreen as well! Many exotic plant species are labeled and the entire area is definitely worthy of some award winning shots to make everyone jealous at home. ‘Iao Needle isn’t just an amazing natural wonder, it’s a major historical landmark as well. Keep going up to the ‘Iao Valley State Park. Needles Outlook and the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park aren't the same. It’s open from 7am to 7pm daily and restrooms are on site. The ban on common people entering the ‘Iao Valley was lifted in times of war due to necessity. Are electronic sites enroaching on tower. ), shoes with a good grip (flip flops and sandals are NOT recommended). Built in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the lookout was used as a primary fire detection location and communication link for the Sequoia National Forest, until it was lost in a structure fire on July 28, 2011.

• Denise Alonzo, Public Affairs, Western Divide and Hume Lake Ranger Districts, Giant Sequoia National Monument/Sequoia National Forest. Let your imagination go wild and spend a few moments reliving these ancient tales of high drama while exploring one of the most lushly beautiful settings on Earth and you will see why it’s such a special place!

Perched atop the rocky outcrop it is named for, Needles Lookout is a popular destination for rock climbers.

Some fabulous flowering trees and plants you might have a tough time finding in other places on Maui can be found quite easily here.

Needles Lookout Trail [CLOSED] is a 4.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Springville, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The ‘Iao Needle is the second wettest place in Hawai’i. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 28, 2011 • NEEDLES FIRE LOOKOUT TOWER BURNS(SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST): The Needles Fire Lookout Tower, located on the Western Divide Ranger District within the Giant Sequoia National Monument on the Sequoia National Forest was destroyed in a structure fire today. There is a labyrinth of winding paved paths that wander through the lush vegetation, flirting with the ‘Iao Stream which winds below the famed spired needle. And let us not forget footwear… the cardinal rule on Maui is if you’re going to go for a hike, wear sneakers. A Forest Service employee, stationed in the tower, was responsible for detecting fires and relaying radio messages to a dispatcher, who in turn sent firefighters and support equipment to extinguish the reported fire. On at least one occasion the valley an… And, many are labeled, which is always helpful. Bugs will also be an issue due to the extreme amount of rain that falls here. And although there is no access to the needle itself (it’s location and access is on private land), there are 6.2 acres of amazing flora and fauna and .6 miles of paved trail which ends at a lookout which boasts a 360 degree view of the island. The entire valley, including the needle, was declared a “sacred” (kapu) place by Kaka’e in the 1400 -1500 AD time period. Here are just a few of the trees and plants that are easily observed at the park: Main Street in Wailuku forks off (to the right) to become ‘Iao Valley Road (Rte. Contributed material may be separately copyrighted. They showed him how to use the weapons to defeat his enemies and even operated the cannon themselves against Kahekili’s forces at Kepaniwai, which probably helped them keep their heads for the long term. The trail entrance is on the left side. It begins at Forest Road 21S05 and ends at the rock formations referred to as "Needles." The massacre that happened here in 1790 was historically significant because it was the first battle on Maui that was fought and won with modern firearms. 32). is lined by lush, tropical foliage, high mountains and the stream, of course. It doesn’t take but a small cut on the foot by volcanic rock to get a nasty tropical infection.

It is a good view and radio relay into the Golden Trout Wilderness of the Sequoia National Forest.

GPS Coordinates: 20°52′51″N 156°32′42″W.

Kamehameha’s forces were victorious against Maui’s warriors but due to other attacks on Kamehameha’s holdings on the island of Hawai’i this was not the final battle to unite Hawai’i.

When visiting ‘Iao it’s very important to bring a rain jacket or umbrella, just in case. The ‘Iao Valley gets an impressive 386 inches (9.8m) of rain per year, which has continuously eroded the softer rock down to the core which is a harder basalt, causing it to form a natural spire that has become majestically sheathed in plant life. The Needles Lookout was quite possibly the best known of any fire tower anywhere. The entire valley, including the needle, was declared a “sacred” (kapu) place by Kaka’e in the 1400 -1500 AD time period. • Needles overlooked the Kern River Drainage, Mt. Coordinates: 36.119746, … “My immediate concern is for the safety of firefighters who are working to contain the Lion Wildland Fire in the Golden Trout Wilderness who have now lost one of their main lines of communication.” More information will be sent out as soon as it’s available regarding the cause of the fire, availability of the rock formation for visitors, and future plans. Needles Outlook is 22 miles off Highway 191 on County Road 133, … Firefighters are ensuring the safety of visitors by closing Forest Road 21S05 and trail 32E22 that lead to Needles Lookout, and closure of the area surrounding the rock formation where the lookout was perched. It is rumored that Kamehameha’s mother spent time on Maui and during her travels there had a liason with King Kahekili (who already had several wives). Kamehameha confiscated the weapons from foreign ships and crew members he’d taken as captives. According to the sign, it's a 5-mile roundtrip, but if you want to get to the fire lookout, it's about extra few more miles, all uphill and boulder-climbing.

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