patreon id

Yes the username is what was prompted as full name. Also allows the same information to be sent via webhooks created by your client. Note that you may get more than one of these per patron if they delete and renew their membership. When a webhook fires, the data will look something like this. Can be null. Get notified on slack when a new patron joins or leaves, Add new patron's contact info to a google sheet. Benefit display description. Number of patrons pledging to this creator. So you don’t know your Patreon Profile Address or Account Name. using your webhook's secret viewable on the webhooks page. Includes updates on payment charging events. Submit an issue or a pull request github repo and we'll get them fixed up. Last date that the webhook was attempted or used. If you would like to know more please contact us at [email protected]. You can see which attributes or relationships are requestable on a given resource in the resources section. (Alpha) The apps that this client controls. which will limit relationships to only those specifically included. The Patreon API version the client is targeting. Can be null. Internal Server Error -- Our server ran into a problem while processing this request. The single resource endpoint returns information about a single Campaign, fetched by campaign ID. Mapping from user's connected app names to external user id on the respective app. The token of the user who created the client. Top-level includes: tiers, creator, benefits, goals. The Pledges resource has been replaced by the Members resource. You may only fetch your own list of pledges. Sergio Maione. Our JSON responses follow the JSON:API standard, with the following structure for our three main resources (users, campaigns, and pledges): To use a given access_token, send it in the Authorization HTTPS Header as follows: The three endpoints below are accessed using an OAuth client access_token obtained from the OAuth section. Content posted by a creator on a campaign page. Your server should handle GET requests in Step 3 by performing the following request on the server (not as a redirect): to be stored on your server, one pair per user. Can be null. APIv2 has more controls around private information, so a fuller set of APIv2 scopes is needed to access V1 resources. Datetime of this user's account creation. Usually a zero or one-element array with the user's membership to the token creator's campaign, if they are a member. Once your calls are complete, you will have the user’s profile info and pledge level for your creator. Can be null.

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