redback spider bite mark

I flicked her off again and my hubby, for whom I had yelled, dispatched it with his thong. Spider Bite, amitriptyline, carbamazepine, gabapentin) and regional anaesthetic techniques is yet to be defined. Eleven hours after the bite… she presents to your ED. We were both lucky though Jeremy, many others who have reported their bites here have had some quite horrific stories to tell. What was your experience like? Südhof TC. The slight swelling and redness went away after a couple of days without incident. Maybe drinking coldies is the best treatment, we both did that, but until hospitals start installing beer fridges in favour of antivenin, I think that’s a long shot. I am copying (this next bit) what I posted onto Facebook. So the next couple of hours are critical. Heather, Great post Bobinoz! I actually live in Dubai where we also have Redback spiders. Bites occur typically when the spider is disturbed in the garden or shed. We’ve had a few people saying the soles of their feet or their heels have been painful to walk on, but not that. Well, if anything, a very very tiny barely visible white mosquito bite like bump was all I could see. Previous post: Australia’s Got Talent. My foot is like a balloon, the pain is horrible, have muscle cramps and nausea. The red discolouration has since abated somewhat yet sweating around this small area continues, along with numbness in the aformentioned golf ball size area. A puncture mark may not always be present; Systemic envenoming occurs in a minority causing regional and then generalised pain (classic stories of appendicitis mimics). Interesting? It will be interesting to see how this one develops. I tend to treat with a maximum of 4 ampoules of CSL Redback Spider antivenom, I might go to 6 ampoules if the patient has shown definite but incomplete improvement. immediately. How long did the pain last? He is actively involved in in using translational simulation to improve patient care and the design of processes and systems at Alfred Health. Absolutely. I do like the sound of your doctor, mine never gives me scripts for grog I hope the treatment works, eventually….. Four days later, the bite pain is easing and my severe codeine reaction is disappearing. Theresa, I’m not sure why the pharmacist didn’t suggest antihistamines either, but then again neither did my doctor when I spoke to her after being bitten. Was this a red back spider bite? Just before I moved here to Australia, one of my friends back in the UK who had lived and worked in Australia for a year at some point, told me that Redbacks were so strong and powerful that they could actually bite your foot through your thongs. My own fault for not checking the shoe but didn’t feel the sting . My toe nail grew back but is full of ridging. Fortunately, for most people, you included, pain management is all that is needed. He was out but his wife (also a doctor) answered the phone and she was very helpful. (That’s flip-flops to us English). The redback spider has been historically responsible for more envenomations requiring antivenom than any other creature in Australia. I hope that pain goes away soon. Funnel-web spider envenoming should not be mistaken for a redback as these can potentially be fatal.

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