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“The woman here, like a common car, works like any other, has the same parts, needs the same things and starts the same way. “A literal reading of these two verses would suggest that the performers had no hope and were extremely depressed. } else { These three pieces exemplify the idea that Johnson’s lyrics are rarely about the words themselves. The intentions may be somewhat chauvinistic; however this piece differs from the others in the mournful delivery of vocals and guitar. I would have preferred it if the producer had put all the recordings from one session followed by all the recordings from the other session so the songs didn't double up like they do. Wald feels that the inferior take was the one actually issued in 1937.[10]. "Come On In My Kitchen Lyrics." If Johnson tuned up to A (or even to Bb, which is not unheard of), then his capo would have been on the first or second fret, which would cause no playing problems—and, as it happens, we know that other songs from those sessions were played in standard tuning, key of A, and end up in the same absolute pitch as the open-tuned songs.   Go directly to shout page. Amistad. Let us know what you think of the website. [2] Maggie Gordon. (As it happens, the first take of that song was considered too slow. Two takes were preserved. //