steins;gate 0 ending explained

We not only get to play as Okabe throughout the story; we also explore the world through Maho’s eyes from time to time. Eh, he could've brought a battery with him or something and used the other time machine. (but I agree that if he was around, it wouldn't trigger since those messages have little to no impact). Soon after the events of leading up to the introduction of the Amadeus protocol, we get to see the world through the eyes of Suzuha. Here is an explanation for the exact sequence of worldlines that happened in the end of the S;G 0 anime (which btw is similar to the S;G 0 VN since they did not contradict each other on anything). With no clear solution to the problem, Okabe receives a transmission from his future self. None of the central characters are able to get past the shock of losing Kurisu. One of the best things about Steins;Gate 0 is how unpredictable it is. On his second attempt, he rushes Maho to finish the time leap machine and as a result, something goes wrong and it doesn’t work. Okabe is covered in blood, but he has closed the loop and created the circumstances for his future self to fulfill the actions we have seen. I like your happier solution the best. Both stories are just fantastic, and we recommend going for the second playthrough because of the variance between them. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Reading Steiner still never kicked in after they were sent, which supports this claim. The 2nd is 0kabe “merged” with OG Okabe, as in Okabe will have faint memories of 0kabe but feels like he’s never done any of the events of 0. Mayuri must convince Okabe to not give up on saving Kurisu and finding Steins Gate. For example: The first time around, Suzuha goes back to the 70s and fails her mission and kills herself. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. This is not how it works. (Can you blame me though? Suzuha tells him to view his phone and watch the video message. (even without the slap, Suzuha would have shown Okabe the video). July 7, 2011: Okabe sees the time machine destroyed and can’t tell if Mayuri and Suzuha made it to the past, prompting him to work with Daru and Maho to complete the time leap machine and try again. This is where most fans were left confused as we saw a younger Suzuha in 2025 but she is not the same Suzuha who goes back to Okabe in Stein’s Gate. Nakabachi runs away with the paper which will burn up in the plane fire (because he already took care of the metal upa). NOTE: The little Suzuha we see in 2025 is the one that will go back to Okabe in the OG Stein's Gate, NOT the one trapped in the event horizon (the one that went with Mayuri.). I’ve also heard that the change in worldlines from V&A to MWC is explained by something called the “Amadeus Script,” but I don’t think it’s been translated from the original Japanese. (and thus discover about the time machine, we know the Russians are around in Akihabara (laptop episode)), (or 70 million years ago in the VN, but this difference doesn’t really matter too much), No. Impossible. But we see in the ending of the original series, a certain someone prompts him to open the mail and check the video, which brings me to... We see in episode 23 beta (and the opening of the visual novel) that the Suzuha there is NOT the same Suzuha that we see in the true ending. (the fact they land at the exact same time means the fact the previous attempt landed doesn't happen, as we've seen with Arc-light, if time machines land at different times, they don't overwrite each other, the fact it's the same time is key)And this applies to Suzuha as well.They sent MWC Suzuha after telling her about Skuld. I like to think it helped, I doubt it was mandatory. I'm still half expecting that there's some secret seventh route, or maybe hidden new content in the first game if I go play that. so she can live out through 2011 and eventually become old Suzuha again, completing the loop. It does not matter whether you opt to play the visual novel or watch the anime and it is completely up to your personal preference.

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