tornadoes of 2019

June 21, 2019 County: Simpson EF-Scale: EF1 Deaths: 0 Injuries: 0 Path width: 75 yards Path length: 0.6 mile Time: 7:35pm CDT Notes: The tornado touched down near I-65 embedded in straight line winds. Recreation Forecasts, Past Weather Local Climate Page #2: EF4 – March 3: Beauregard, Ala.–Talbotton, Ga.#3: EF3 – March 3: East of Tallahassee to north of Lloyd, Fla. #4: EF3 – April 13: Hearne to Marquez, Tx.#5: EF3 – April 13: Crockett to Reklaw, Tx. Notes: There was significant straight line wind damage across much of the county facing an easterly and southeasterly direction. June 21, 2019 County: Allen April 13-15 – 69 tornadoes in TX, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, OH, DE, PA, NY. EF-Scale: EF1 Notes: Sporadic twisting tree damage was found between Mount Carmel and McKinley towards the White River. Questions? Top outbreaks, by numbers #1: April 13-15 – 69 tornadoes #2: March 3 – 39 tornadoes Path width:  125 yards Further southeast on Highland Church Road numerous trees were uprooted and snapped with trees facing from the north northeast to the southeast. EF-Scale: EF0 There have been 26 tornado deaths so far in 2019. Notes: The tornado mostly did damage to the upper halves of several trees along its path. Time: 7:35pm CDT Annual and monthly tornado averages for each state (maps), U.S. Tornado History: The Smithsonian Institution's "Queries Relative to Tornadoes," circa 1860s, The most tornadoes in a calendar day by state, Understanding basic tornadic radar signatures, May 4, 2007: The night that made maps of Greensburg, Kansas have to be redrawn, May 31, 1985: A tornado outbreak out of place, From domestic to international: Tornadoes around the world. Past Derby/Oaks/Thunder Weather One in the Feb. 23 tornado event, 23 on March 3 and three on April 13. Path length:  8.3 miles County:  Allen Fort Knox Climate Graphs Weather Stories Fire Weather Outreach Storm Prediction Center Path length:  3 miles The tornado moved east-northeast across Interstate 35Ereaching high-end EF2 strength. Weather Safety Rules At 8:58 p.m. CDT on October 20, a tornado began in Dallas County, Texas, near the interaction of State Highway 348 and Luna Road, snapping large tree limbs. EF-Scale: EF1 Fort Campbell Katie currently works as a GIS Analyst for EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc., PBC in Hunt Valley, Maryland. A wheat field had distinct circulations quite visible. Along Shelburn Dr, a front porch with four columns was lifted, collapsing the columns and throwing the front half of the roof 100 yards to the northeast. Evansville Decision Support Page About Our Office 2019 got off to something of a slow start, but in winter a slow start doesn’t necessarily mean much. A wheat field had distinct circulations quite visible. While the first did not have huge numbers, it did drop the year’s first killer tornado. Tornado Machine Plans, Weather Safety Please try another search. Text Products March 14, 2019 The tornado touched down near the Horseshoe Ford Road and Horseshoe Bend Road intersection. Or do they? As we head into the heart of severe season, three significant tornado events have now occurred. Impactful outbreaks with at least 20 confirmed tornadoes and/or a killer tornado and/or an EF3 tornado. Several barns and outbuildings had roof damage as well. Weather Radio Debunking the myth. County:  Oldham County:  Simpson At 2592 Highland Church Road (Highland General Baptist Church) there was significant brick damage on the west, south, and east sides of the church due to open vents. Several barns sustained severe structural damage to the roofs. About the NWS Items of Interest Tornadoes don’t happen in mountains. #1: EF3 – February 23: Columbus, MS#2: EF4 – March 3: Beauregard, Ala.–Talbotton, Ga.#3: EF3 – March 3: East of Tallahassee to north of Lloyd, Fla.#4: EF3 – April 13: Hearne to Marquez, Tx.#5: EF3 – April 13: Crockett to Reklaw, Tx. Across a farmer's field, corn was flattened and twisted in multiple directions. Advisory/Warning Criteria, Radar The tornado hit the Salem Rd area hard with extensive tree damage. LMK Warning Area Injuries:  0 A dozen or so portions of two-by-fours were impaled into the ground in multiple directions. There were indications there may have been more than one tornado as tree positions would go from a tornadic circulation of northeasterly to southeasterly direction and then to all straight line wind damage in an easterly wind direction, then back to a tornadic circulation in multiple directions. A strip mall was severely damaged, sustaining roof loss and collapse of multiple exterior walls. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. The tornado dissipated halfway between the intersection of KY 585 and Shores Road and the intersection of Shirk Road and Grider Drive. At the Mayhew and Pope Road intersection there was extensive softwood and hardwood tree damage, especially around the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church at 5226 Pope Road. Injuries:  0 Regional Weather Map Residents said there was a major pressure change with the tornado. See SPC’s killer tornado page. Science and Technology National Weather Service Station History The tornado continued to the Tennessee state line. EF-Scale: EF1 1-Stop Drought NWS Deaths:   0 Path width:  35 yards May 3-4, 1999 tornado outbreak and the Bridge Creek-Moore F5, joins Ice Station Housman to talk about the 2018 tornado year, Tornado Threat Forecast: April 22-23, 2020, Busting severe storm myths before they bust your forecast, Tornado Threat Forecast: April 19-20, 2020. Injuries:  0 Time: 8:04pm CDT Path length:  0.6 mile Daily Temp/Precip Maps June 21, 2019 Forecast Discussion Horseshoe Bend Road was closed due to trees down across the road and from flooding. Interspersed with the straight line wind damage was at least one tornado in western Allen County north of and paralleling KY 585. Time: 6:45am - 6:54am EDT Hazardous Weather Outlook Wilmington, Current Conditions Please select one of the following: Experimental Graphical Hazardous Weather Outlook, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Killer tornadoes. Large, heavy fuel tanks were rolled in two different directions on Mayhew Road. Climate Prediction County:  Washington IN El Nino and La Nina Further east along Mayhew Road a large, well-built barn was uplifted and removed from its foundation with several cedar and maple trees twisted and snapped. Aviation Path width:  300 yards The tornado hit the Salem Rd area hard with extensive tree damage. All NOAA. Deaths:   0 Nationwide Weather Stories Most of the wind damage was between 85 and 95 mph. The most significant damage was east of McKinley with several healthy trees snapped and twisted. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Notes: Interspersed among straight-line wind damage was a tornado that first touched down a half mile east of Amos. Louisville, KY6201 Theiler LaneLouisville, KY 40229-1476502-969-8842Comments? Time: 7:39pm CDT Central U.S. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). One in the Feb. 23 tornado event, 23 on March 3 and three on April 13. Jackson The March 3 outbreak ended up one of the deadliest in recent years with confirmed tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. June 21, 2019 Air Quality Multiple locations were found. Please Contact Us. The following two tabs change content below. County:  Allen KY Mesonet, Latest Forecasts Submit a Storm Report Injuries:  0 Most of the trees were snapped halfway up indicative of a skipping weak tornado. Spot Request Hourly Observations June 21, 2019 #1: April 13-15 – 69 tornadoes#2: March 3 – 39 tornadoes. Several other retail businesses were also damaged in this area. SKYWARN. Winds in this area were estimated to be between 90 and 95 mph. Hazardous Weather Outlook The width of the individual circulations varied between 75 and 125 yards with widespread straight line wind damage all around. On Christmas Tree Road a 30 x 30 barn had significant damage south of the main tree damage. 1-Stop Severe Forecast

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