unique female dog names and meanings

This results in a pink color. Charlie:  This is from the NATO alphabet. Rosé:  This is not the flower. Rumor:  A rumor is a story like gossip. Vivi:  This is a nickname for Vivian. any of a few statuettes granted yearly by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for greatness in TV programming, creation, or execution. In addition, naming a dog a brand means that if the brand does something you don't like, you'll be reminded every time you say your dog's name. a programming language especially fit to constant applications: created for use by the U.S. Nutella:  This is the brand name of a coco spread that is made of hazelnuts. Azure:  This is the blue shade that looks like the sky. This is an aborigine throw stick. Joy:  When something happens that make you happy, it brings you joy. A pooch with shades of brown or red might adapt to this name. The easiest way to narrow down this list is to pick your top ten. Quella:  This is a pretty intense thing to call your dog. Nadine:  This French name means, “Hope.”  It can also be used as a nick name for Grenadine. This is name of a tree that make syrup. Let us know in the comments below if you have a unique name for your girl dog and we will add it to the list! We might go with cotton but dont know for sure. Elsa:  This cute name means, “God is bountiful.”  Elsa is also the princess in, Frozen. Cammi means, “Swift warrior.”. He was one of the three pooches that are on the Hollywood walk of fame. Sini:  In Finland, this name means, “Blue.”  It is from their word for blue, “Sininen.”. I will refer to this list when we get another dog! Dara:  “Daring,” is the meaning of this tough name. Ginger is also a nickname used for redheads. It is like sherbet but doesn’t have any dairy in it. It is a shade of blue. km). Branda:  “Sword,” is the meaning behind this name. It was also the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cool cousin from the Dukes of Hazard. Tara:  This short cute name would be a good choice for your new puppy. So, if you have relaxed pup this might work. Since it sounds very Irish, it might be good for a red pooch. Yummy:  Yummy is one of the first words that kids learn. The meaning in Gaelic is, “Hallow.”  The meaning in Greek is, “Maiden.”  In Germany, it means, “God’s peace.”, Kova:  Kova is the Finnish word for, “Tough.”. Each color has a different symbolism. The wine is a pink. Bethany:  Bethany Beach is a beach on the east coast. This name means, “Living one.”. It is native to China. Zin is a black grape wine. In addition, you can always build more nicknames from a longer name, should you desire. a state in the SE United States. Cyan: Cyan is a shade of aqua blue. It is made with vodka, tomato juice and something spicy. They can’t stand still physically or mentally. Multiple words can also show off characteristics of your pet. version of ADELINE using the popular name suffix lyn. This name is usually given to a pooch that was found on a freeway. This name means symbol of peace. He had a unique name Katooloo. Sake:  This is a strong rice based booze. They are like cuddles. They have been the subject of many kid books. Dark haired people are nicknamed Ravens. Donovan:  In Ireland, “Dark Warrior,” is the meaning of this name. There is also a Destroyer after her, USS Hopper. Dee:  The name Dee means, “Dark.”  It can also be used as the letter, “D,” which can stand for dog. Warning, this has also been a slang term for a weak person. It has the meaning, “Singled out.”. Jelly:  The second part of a PB&J. This gun is used by the military. In other cultures, it symbolizes a messenger. 525+ Cute Female Dog Names and Meanings. It means, “Mighty and powerful.”. Ziska:  This name means, “Free.”  It is a name from Germany. Brenna:  Brenna is one of those names that has many origins and meanings. Remember, this doesn’t need to happen in one day. sorcerer, the escort of Merlin: known as the Lady of the Lake. She was the younger sister of Elsa. Cora was the name of the goddess of the spring. the contractile, roundabout stomach shaping the shaded segment of the eye and containing a roundabout opening, the student, in its middle. Alaska:  This name comes from the US State, Alaska. So, it can be cute and wicked at the same time. Answer: Some are based on current culture, while others I had to look up. Justice:  Justice means the quality of being fair and just. That crunchy or gooey sweetness is hard to resist. He has written numerous articles and a book about the topic because he loves dogs. The gun reloads itself, but only fires one bullet at a time. Zen:  This word is used to describe a place of being mellow. Artemis – Greek God of the moon, hunting and wild animals, Azura would be the perfect female dog name for a Husky, meaning sky blue in Spanish, Bailey – protective wall surrounding a castle. Gigi:  This is pronounced, “G-G.”  It is a name from France that means, “Earth worker.”.

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